Living Present Moment

Many times, most people think about how to live an abundant life. This is mainly due to the kind of life they are living which is normally short of their ‘dream life’. They have ideas, try to work on them, but in most cases, they do not seem to rise to their expectation. The reasons are; either their thoughts are tied to past experience or the future life they envision rather than Living Present Moment.

Activate Powerful Tools To Live In The Present:

Your past experiences have the power to shape your present. In fact, negative experiences like trauma can easily dictate your future. In retrospect, most people will remember moments that evoked anger, jealousy, regret, guilt, envy, hatred; among others. These strong emotions can sabotage your present happiness and satisfaction.  If you are not in charge of your feelings and emotions, worries about the future can also rob you happiness in the present. No one really knows what the future holds. To this end, anxiety, fear and insecurities can really crowd your current moment. In light of all this, the past and the future can wreck havoc in your present life. The simple remedy to the problem is to forget your past and not worry about the future.


Indeed, if this was easy to achieve, all people would be living happily in the present.

Is It Really Possible To Live In The Moment?

Living in the moment refers to being mindful of your current situation. It means being satisfied with the current moment. It involves acknowledging that the present is all you have and you have to cherish it accordingly; despite not having everything you need. Being present is made possible by not importing your past burdens to the current moment. Having said all this, being present does not come automatically; you need the right tools to help you achieve it. You have to be very deliberate with your thoughts and actions if you are to fully enjoy your present. What tools do you need?

Meditation And Mindfulness:

To tap into the present, you have to be very mindful. Meditation helps you focus properly. In this regard, find a moment during the day or night and go to a quiet place. Here, make sure there are no distractions.  Close your eyes and start thinking about your present. Being mindful draws you to the current moment. Feel all your emotions and you can incorporate deep breathing. It is all about getting in touch with your inner person. While you focus, think about positive things in your life at the moment. This exercise should refresh and brighten your soul to fully enjoy the present.

Have A Grateful And Kind Attitude:

Being grateful means that you are thankful. In the present world, many have a lot of stuff but they want even more. A huge chunk of people are rarely grateful for what they already have. In this respect, you have to change your attitude. All around the world, there are so many people who are underprivileged and many can barely afford food. With this realization, avoid having a foul mood just because you spent some time in traffic. Living In The Present Moment as described by Matt Morris,  can only be achieved through gratefulness and generosity. When you are kind to others, you illuminate a positive attitude which makes you and others fully enjoy the present.

Don’t Run From Your Fears; Face Them:

We all have fears and when we dot face them, they remain alive to intimidate some more. If you have the fear of divorce, for example, do not allow it to prevent you from getting married; live in the moment. Fear is crippling and until you stand up to it, you remain a cripple.

List Your Passions And Keep A Journal:

Knowing what makes you happy is a sure way to brighten your present. List all the things that make you come alive and get on with it.

Also, journal your experiences and assess your progress. This is a good way to keep tabs on things that matter.

Writer and motivational speaker Matt Morris summed it all up in his book ‘How To Live In The Present Moment’. According to Matt, there are basically three keys to living happily in the present and they are abbreviated HLP. H means healing the past, L is for living in the present while P means planning for the future. It is, therefore, time to bury the past and plan for the future. Meanwhile, you only have now to live; make every moment count.

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Health Diet Food

Eating right is the key to live a healthy life. Our body needs food and water to keep going, and the more nutritious food we intake makes us healthier and improves well-being. What we eat, when we eat, how much we eat; all these factors work together towards deciding how well we are and how much fit. Staying fit involves a lot of factors like regular exercise, appropriate eating portions and the type of food we eat which should be Health Diet Food.

What Is Healthy Eating?

Maintaining healthy eating habits is very important to maintain good health and general well-being.

Never skipping breakfast; eating frequent small meals in a day; choosing health-friendly foods over junk, sugary, oily foods; choosing fruit smoothies over sodas; incorporating more of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in daily diet are some of these good eating habits. They help us maintain good health and help in the maintenance of optimum weight and a happy countenance. It is best to inculcate good habits of healthy eating from an early age, as childhood is the stage of maximum development of the body.

How To Go About Eating Healthy:

Who has not heard the adage “if it is healthy, it cannot be tasty!” Well, that may not be so true today, as we have a lot of healthy options to junk food in our very home. Healthy eating habits tell you when to eat, how much to eat and what to eat. It is very important to follow these habits. Also, however, how to eat healthily is also something that we should know and follow.Healthy eating involves eating less or in moderate amounts of food by properly chewing small bites or pieces. It also helps to eat with someone as we tend to overeat if eating alone or distracted. It is also important not to eat in front of the television or while distracted or in the middle of work; as this also leads to overindulgence on account of distraction.

Be careful what you eat.

There are many food items present that can be included in your diet and can help your body. There is also certain other, synthetically produced or genetically modified foods available that may be a little difficult for the body to digest or even assimilate nutrition out of. It is important, therefore, to read labels on food products carefully before buying. GMO labelling or labelling about the contents and ingredients and nutrition information on packets is crucial information and should not be taken lightly.

What To Eat And Drink:

You may know the healthy eating habits to engage in, but you also need to know exactly what it is that you should consume.

Natural foods that are not processed are great for your body. Eat less of red meat and more of white meat like fish which is rich in omega three oils. Vegetables should never miss from your daily menu. They are the source of fibre and vitamins. You can drink coffee and tea but ensure you take water most of the time.

Green tea twice a day:
Drinking of 2 to 3 cups of green tea per day is sufficient to keep an individual active throughout the day. It also improves the metabolism of the body to a greater level, which is essential for weight loss. Due to the presence of antioxidants like catechins, green tea is associated with anti-cancerous properties.

Dinner should be the lightest meal:

A heavy meal during night time on a regular basis can lead to increased body weight. It may also result in stomach disorders like heaviness, heartburn or nausea. Therefore, one must make sure that the dinner

is consumed in a controlled manner.

Avocados should regularly be consumed:

Due to the abundance of nutrients, avocados come under the category of superfoods.


They are proven to decrease the levels of triglyceride and cholesterol. They are also loaded with fiber, which ensures that bowel movements remain normal.


It is clear that getting the balanced right, being careful what you eat and drink- which consists of natural food, green tea, light meal at dinner time and avocadoes – contributes largely to Health Diet Food.

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Elevation Of Health


It is essential to focus on ensuring that one is living a healthy and safe life towards the achievement of set life goals. The physical, mental and spiritual health is vital in ensuring that there is a continuous development in life.

Self-evaluation is necessary for ensuring that one is living a healthy life that will assist to achieve his or her potential leading to Elevation Of Health. The self-evaluation is used in providing an individual with the required information on which aspect of life to improve for a healthy living. It is crucial to focus on values and emotions in providing a positive health status for an individual as advocated by Dr John Demartini.

In evaluating your health it is important to focus on the hierarchy of values for a smooth flow of life.

Hierarchy of values:

The concept aims at identifying the highest and lowest values of an individual towards mental health. The emotions of an individual require being regulated in ensuring that there is a proper mental health that will assist in achieving the set goals of production. Ione is required to have an insight on the values that are necessary for a continuous emotional and psychological health. Proper evaluation of values makes it possible to understand the emotions and gratitude of an individual as THE VALUES FACTOR towards a healthy living.

Max Scheler’s Hierarchy of Values is aimed at providing an insight on how to evaluate the health of an individual towards a healthy and safe living.

Max Scheler’s focused on the value of the holy, spiritual values, vital values and pleasure values. Image result for max Scheler hierarchy of values

Values of the holy The focus is on ensuring that there is focus on what is right to the people for a steady flow of the society.

Spiritual Values:

The values are delivered from various teachings and studies which are aimed at increasing the ability of an individual to deal with emotional issues where one prefers to love or hate.
Vital values The values are aimed at increasing the welfare of an individual or the community for a continuous social progress through self-evaluation.
Pleasure values The values require proper evaluation as it considers the agreeing and disagreeing with an individual in a particular matter. Dr Demartini states the needs of ensuring that there is a proper perception in dealing with the public and private values.


The evaluation of emotions involves the measurement of the pleasure and displeasure of an individual in regards to a particular issue. It is essential to focus on the pleasant things for the achievement of set social and economic goals through a healthy living. The common emotions of individuals are happiness, sadness, anger and fear which require proper health evaluation for improved human behaviour.It is important to consider security, comfort, and pleasure to have an emotion that has a positive perception of things life. Image result for emotions as a value.


It is the science which focuses on the health of the mind for a steady flow of the community. It is important to continually evaluate your health through visiting a psychologist who provides the required techniques for mental health to an individual.


It is critical for an individual to be thankful for the different things that are performed in the society. The act of showing appreciation is an indication of a proper health status for an individual and is an Elevation Of Health when sincerely done.

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Value Life Principle

Adopting clear Value Life Principle is one of the most effective ways to move forward and experience success in your career or personal life. Many people head through life aimlessly expecting things to just happen’ to them and what they don’t realise is that through adopting a different mindset and having a personal list of principles, they can take control of their life, experience progress and have more productive relationships.

Principles, when followed, provide values in life as explained by Ray Dalio. The most important principles are:

1- Having Clear Goals:

Have you ever actually sat down and really thought about what you want out of life whether it be in relation to your career, relationships, personal development or achievement?The closest most people get to setting
goals is to mentally or verbally commit to losing weight’ or sell more product
at work’ as a New Year’s resolution. This is not clear goal setting, it is not
easily measurable and it is no wonder most of these would be’ goals ever last
further than a few weeks into the New Year.

A deep and meaningful personal goal should almost bring tears to your eyes when you think of achieving it. It should be based on something you really want not something you think others want you to achieve. Be open-minded, sit down with a piece of paper and peel off the layers of your goals.

Think of the goal you want to set and ask yourself why it is important to you. How will your life improve by achieving the goal and how will it feel when you achieve it? How will you feel if you don’t achieve it? What will happen as a direct result of not achieving it? Be realistic with yourself, how have you progressed with setting goals in the past? What went wrong if you did not achieve them and what did you do right if you did achieve them? It is important to be honest with yourself and embrace reality as advocated by PRINCIPLES RAY DALIO.

Identify likely stumbling blocks and learn to make decisions effectively putting things in place to prevent the same obstructions happening again to prevent you from achieving what you truly want.

2 – Identify and Don’t Tolerate the Problems That Stand in The Way:

Look for potential problems that have appeared in the past when trying to achieve a goal. Ask others to challenge your goal in a constructive way to help you identify where things might go wrong or where your goal might be potentially flawed. Don’t be afraid of this process, this can be very helpful in identifying potential problems before they happen. Remember there are no problems that cannot be overcome. Your job is to identify them before they happen so you can prepare the solution beforehand so in essence the problem is avoided altogether.

3 – Accurately Diagnose the Problems to Get to The Root Cause:

This can sometimes be a painful process but you need to be open-minded for this to really work and embrace reality when it comes to the mistakes that have been made in the past or problems that have occurred both with yourself and others.

Finding the root cause of an obstacle or problem requires some serious digging and can feel unpleasant when faced with the truth that either you or someone else involved caused the problem. The old saying learn from your mistakes’ has never been truer when it comes to this process. Once you think you have identified the root cause of the problem, ask yourself if this root’ where erased would your goal be successful. If the answer is yes then you know that this is where to start in terms of a plan to achieve the outcome you are looking for through removing or getting around the root cause of the problem.

4 – Design Plans That Will Get You Around Them:

Once potential problems and the root cause has been identified you can begin to work out a way of eliminating the problem through careful planning and a step by step action plan. Learn to make decisions effectively by asking yourself questions at every step of the process about what is true. If you make this particular change will the outcome be as planned or could further potential problems occur by taking this action. Go through the steps you have put in place and question the outcome of every single one you implement. Will it still get you to your goal if you take this action to eliminate potential problems or hurdles along the way?

5 – Do What Is Necessary to Push These Designs Through to Results:

Being able to see the plan through once you are confident of it working is the key to a successful transition from identifying your goal and any potential associated problems, finding the root cause and having a clear understanding of what changes need to be put in place to deal with these potential problems to the ultimate outcome of achieving success.

This cannot be half-hearted, if you believe in your plan to eradicate the root cause of potential problems then you need to have the determination to back it all the way to fruition.

In summary……..

By following these principles a lot of the most difficult parts of achieving your personal or career/work goals can be eliminated before they even happen. This is known as the solution based thinking as clearly elaborated by the book  Principles: Life and Work. It is all about taking your ego out of the equation and being able to look at a problem without emotion by logically viewing every aspect and every person as a cog in the wheel and identifying any cogs’ that may cause potential problems including yourself.

Once you embrace reality and take personal feelings out of the equation everything becomes clearer and you find you can learn to make decisions effectively, foresee problems and their root cause before they occur and find ways to actively eliminate the problem by creating a solution that you are prepared to drive through to the conclusion of achieving that all important goal.

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Turning Fear Into Success

It is said that we are governed by two psychological states; flight or fight. Flight is just another word for response to situations by submitting to fear. Fight, on the other hand, is the choice to brace the threat, attack or anything that is against us.

Most People Are Ruled By Fear:

There is an appropriate time for either of these responses, but most people response fearfully by default when it comes to many situations in life. And this gets in their way to making progress when it comes to personal relationships, achieving personal goals and business.Anything worth achieving is a scary pursuit.


Who dreams small? Probably nobody. People have goals, dreams, and aspirations that are lofty and not exactly easy to achieve. Therefore, having the mindset to pursue these goals is usually a huge leap of faith. You have to overcome a feeling that you are not good enough.

Fear Of Rejection Is A Huge Hurdle


When achieving that goal involves other people, even when they are family members and friends, then the fear of rejection will also try to work its way into your thinking. After all very few people are ever in a position to accept that our grand ideas would ever turn into reality, even our closest friends and family members.

So, for anyone who needs a close confidant to reassuring tells them that their dream is worth a shot, fear of getting psychologically crippling criticism can be a huge hurdle. This is especially so when these people are important in making the goal in mind turn into reality. Maybe you need their funding, their skills, their support, their contacts, and so forth.

When you cannot muster the courage to sell them your hopes and plans because you are afraid that they will not help you move towards your dreams as you expect them to, then your goals can get suffocated in your fears.

Insecurity And Fear Of Losing Control


It could be also that you have already made some progress towards your goal. Maybe you wanted to start a big business. But even after you have launched the idea and it has taken off, you might find fear creeping in and keeping you from attaining your ultimate goal.

You can be afraid to lose what little you have achieved and fail to attain what you dreamed of when you first started. Fear of failure can be quite overwhelming. You can even be afraid that your benefactors and those who have supported you thus far might abandon you when they see or hear what your ultimate plan involves.

Even when they provide the support, you might be afraid that what you are doing might make the business you are running big and hard to control. It is hard to let control of something you care about. On the other hand, giving in to this fear could mean losing a chance to achieve your dreams.

Accept Failure And Move On


The important thing to remember is that failure is something everyone experiences. And that people who achieve the most awesome goals did so mainly by overcoming the fears that naturally come with pursuing such lofty endeavours. Don’t see failure as a roadblock on your way towards your dreams, but rather as slight bumps along the way that can slow you down but still not keep you from getting to your destination.


That is how people turn fear into success, by seeing it as part of the path to success. You should have a similar mindset as well. So, embrace the fearful situations in your life as you pursue your goals. In fact, if you are afraid of something, it means the potential fortune that lies ahead is something worth having – nobody is afraid to lose something not worth having.

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Believe and Achieve

Have you ever felt depressed? Do you find it difficult to achieve your desire things? Do you think that destiny is predetermined? You are not alone. Many of us believe that luck is predetermined. We cannot achieve more than our destiny. We always take the failure as the destiny.

But in reality, we are the creator of our destiny. Our life is the manifestation of our thought. All the human beings have the thinking ability that might be positive and negative. If you attract more positive energy towards your life, you can achieve more success. You should not allow the success to determine your beliefs. Instead, you should let your beliefs to decide the success and therefore to set your right destiny you need to Believe and Achieve.

How can believe help in success?

Our belief becomes the stepping stone to the success. If you have the positive thinking and you think that you are able to achieve all your dreams, then the law attraction will start to work for you. This is illustrated by Kulin Desai’s book “BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE here.

Your belief will be converted into success by following the four laws of success that includes the law of believe, law of expectation, law of imagination, and law of attraction.

Law of Believe:

As mentioned earlier, your life revolves around our thought. If it is positive then you will be motivated to try hard to achieve more. You will experience the transformation in every area of life with a positive belief. Your thought will be broadened and you can dream to achieve the things that even cannot come to your mind with a negative thought. With a positive belief towards your life, you will be able to lead a happy life.

Law of Attraction:

The positive thought will attract the things in your favour. You will send a positive approach to nature and environment. The law of the attraction will start working on your behalf.

You can achieve the things with strong determination and with the support of the law of attraction. Law of attraction is more powerful than your destiny

Law of Imagination:

Your imagination can do miracles for you.

If you start imaging positive things, you will see many positive improvements in your life that might be personal and professional. Your life will be filled with the positive feeling and you will get more appreciation from your work environment. The positive vibration will work for you. Similarly, the negative thoughts will be reflected in your life. If you think that you are unable to achieve something, you will lose the battle there only.

Law of Expectation:

When you expect the success, you will be planning to try hard until the end. You have won the battle in your mind. Once your mind is strong and positive, you can convert any failure into success. The law of expectation and the law of attraction will work on your behalf to bring success for you.

Your expectation is powerful like your deed. It will never let you down.


If you want to achieve something, then first you will have to try to redirect your thought process. You will have to believe yourself instead of believing your destiny. The process might be a little difficult for you if you do not believe in the law of nature and law of attraction.

You will have to develop a practice to build a very strong positive attitude towards your life. Once you start believing yourself, all the things will be taken care of by the law of attraction. Start dreaming and believing in your ability, you will be the winner in every field of life as advocated by Kulin Desai.

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Turning Passion Into a Business

I have been working on Turning Passion Into a Business for almost a year now. It certainly hasn’t been easy, but it is really what I see myself doing until I retire. Straight out of college, I had a vision – that I will use my passion of arithmetic to earn a decent living. It was challenging since college life is different from the practical world and you needed to learn some technical skills to start out, and through a period you, I was able to figure things out and eventually realise the power of following your passion.

Writing For A Living:

If for example, you have always wanted to write for a living, do not be afraid. I know it has been said more than once been said that writers fall smack in the “starving artist” archetype, but whoever said there is no money in writing simply does not know how to look for clients. If you are a content writer who wants to prepare for business by getting more clients, here are a few tips:

1. Capitalize on the value you provide:

When I was starting out, I was peddling my services to just about anyone who would care to listen. Not only did I get very few clients, the ones I was able to get did not pay a lot. One of the first lessons I learned was to always highlight the value I can provide to businesses – make them realize why hiring me would mean good things for them.

I always tell prospective clients that when a content writer is hired, he or she provides the compelling copy for all their marketing collateral that would increase sales, generate greater online presence, and direct traffic to both their website and brick-and-mortar stores. That’s the value the writer offers, and that’s what they will be paying for.

Recognizing your value and being able to sell it well also allows you to filter your clients, getting only the ones who are willing to pay a premium for your services.

2. Position yourself as an authority figure:

A few years into your occupation e.g writing, you will slowly have gained a solid reputation among your contemporaries. People want to know how you are able to constantly get clients who are willing to pay a lot for the content you produce. You should start being an authority by hosting webinars and writing workshops for writers who want to get ahead in the industry, and then you offer a teaching position at a local institution e.g University, for creative and technical writing classes. After a while, you get invited to speak at workshops and then present at conferences for writing and marketing.

When you are considered an authority figure in your niche or industry, it gives clients more confidence to hire you. Be the total package of skill and authority, and you’ll be fine.

3. Use the power of social media:

One of the most effective marketing tools for me is social media. I have considered a strong presence on Linkedin and Facebook, where you can promote your website and engage with potential clients. I post as often as I can, often promoting my blog, which is constantly updated with writing and marketing tips. I also use twitter consistently to promote my business, follow potential clients, and share content. Social media is also a very cost-effective way to reach a huge number of potential c.lients and is a must in staying ahead of the digital marketing game.


Turning passion into the business is everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, many people are not able to live their dreams. The most important tip is to stay passionate even when things seem impossible.

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Essential Nutrients Body Needs

The food we eat furnishes the body with a variety of essential nutrients, which help it carry out its functions effectively and offer protection against diseases. Well then, here is a review of some of the Essential Nutrients Body Needs.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient that is very different from all other vitamins since the body synthesises much of it via sunlight exposure. It is more than just a simple vitamin as it serves the role of a pro-hormone, influences hormonal balance and efficiently regulates immunity as the JUST POTENT Vitamin D 3 below.

This vitamin also lends a hand in calcium absorption in the bones. As such, a sharp deficiency in vitamin D leads to the softening of bones and the disorder known as rickets. Some of the foods rich in this nutrient include cod liver oil, sardines, salmon, raw milk and eggs.

Vitamin B1 – B12

Vitamin B -( B1 – B12 ) are yet other examples of essential nutrients the body requires in large amounts. Vitamin B1, also referred to as thiamine is a water-soluble nutrient, which is present in varying levels in most foods we eat. It plays a crucial role in influencing how the body utilizes energy from food and is also vital for proper cellular functions. Its primary job is to assist the body convert carbohydrates into energy. This is something very important for proper metabolic functions. A sharp deficiency in this vitamin leads to muscle wasting, chronic fatigue and even neurological degeneration. Some of the foods loaded with thiamine are asparagus, green peas, herring, brussel sprouts and spinach.

On its part, Vitamin B6 is also water soluble and takes part in more than 100 different reactions within the body. It is required in the synthesis of amino acids along with many other cellular functions. Vitamin B6 plays a key role in the formation of haemoglobin and neurotransmitters too. While also helping in the proper regulation of blood glucose levels. Some of the foods rich in it include turkey breast, grass-fed beef, chicken breast, avocado and pinto beans.

Gluten-Free Diets

A gluten-free diet is one that excludes most types of grains and is especially recommended for those with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. Gluten is the sole kind of protein that isn’t completely digestible. The indestructible molecules in it slip through the linings of the intestines and trigger inflammation. Gluten also wrecks havoc on the villi present in the lleum, which assist in nutrients absorption. So, consuming gluten-free food can enable you to avoid these issues.

Low Carb And Vegan Diets

Low carbs and vegan diets like meal replacement shakes are particularly noted for fast-tracking sustainable weight loss. The low carbs varieties offer many more health benefits including effectively regulating insulin and glucose levels in the body. They can enhance cognitive function and decrease the risk factors for contracting chronic ailments like heart disease and certain sorts of cancer too. These benefits are derived simply by the elimination of glucose, which forces the body to use stored fat for fuel.

Alternatively, a vegan diet is one that completely lacks meat and animal products. Instead, you only eat whole grains, vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts.

These types of foods have substantially higher levels of essential nutrients such as vitamin A, C, D, E, folate, magnesium and potassium. A vegan diet can also offer protection from cancer and heart disease.

Dietary Supplements

Supplements of different food can also help you obtain and even exceed the recommended daily values of most essential nutrients.

What Is The Importance Of These Diets?

As it was noted earlier, these nutrients enable the body to carry out its functions more effectively. They also boost immunity and even help the body to maintain an ideal weight.


By integrating the above diets into your eating habits, you can achieve sound health and wellness.

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Gratification Definition

The importance of exercising our resilience muscles’ for later and greater gratification is what is Gratification Definition.

The idea of delayed gratification seems to have been lost as times have gone by. We want everything right here and now. The notion of ‘hacking’ the system in order to get quick results is particularly appealing to millennials and the current generation. It offers a perceived quick solution to a problem without the hassle of experiencing the negative emotions that come with it. This becomes quite apparent when the youth of today are confronted by failure. We find ourselves in a time where we will do virtually anything in order to avoid feeling the negative emotions that come with it. We become selfish and ruthless; willing to do anything, even to hurt others to get what we want.

In essence, our compassion and resilience muscles’ have become atrophied. We have become desensitized and this impacts our relationships with other people. Instead, we focus on temporary solutions_ quick-fixes as it were. These quick-fixes don’t allow us to exercise these muscles adequately. Like all atrophied muscles we have become flabby and unable to do the work to bounce back stronger and more aware of our feelings.

The worst thing about this whole scenario is that these quick fixes offer fleeting pleasure. We gain nothing if in the process of pursuing fleeting happiness we hurt our fellow human beings. These temporary pleasures are devoid of substance. They are like drugs that induce dopamine and endorphins. You might get a temporary high but it doesn’t last and we are left worse than we were before indulging in them. Escapism offers a temporary reprieve that exacerbates problems than fixes them.

Since there is a growing need to exercise our resilience muscles now more than ever, it is important to have a program. In order to become strong and experience greater gratification in our lives, we need to exercise our resilience muscles’.

So how do we find joy and fulfilment in exercising our resilience muscles for greater gratification?

a) Be mindful and present:

In Fight Club, Edward Norton’s character retreats to a cave in his mind, his happy place, when Brad Pitt’s character pours lye on his hand. While at first glance, it seems like torture, the profound lesson in that scene is that we need to experience our pain and be present in order to be free.

b) Be optimistic:

In as much as experiencing pain is a good thing, we should fight against the temptation to give a negative meaning to it. Feel the pain, but be positive about the experience. Live in the hope that even the darkest periods, there is always a way out. It will end and you will be fulfilled by being stronger and positive throughout the experience.

c) Start with the small things:

Building your resilience muscles’ from scratch means you have to start small. Like any exercise program, you need to build up the intensity. Starting big will overwhelm and discourage you from being strong and grateful.

There is a joy that accrues from exercising our resilience muscles’. We get to experience a lasting kind of happiness that comes from surviving the worst and most trying periods. It is never easy to experience the pain of failure and disappointment. In fact, we fear the negative emotions more than the event itself. However, we can go through them easily and take comfort in the knowledge that we will get stronger for it in the end.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have a question or comment, please feel free to post and I will get back to you soon.





The Natural Health Supplements


A balanced diet provides your body with necessary vital nutrients that help to maintain and build healthy tissues, cells and organs. This is very crucial for development and growth of every individual. Diet must include a wide range of foods, like fruits and fresh vegetables, nuts, whole grains, legumes, fish, lean meats, low-fat dairy foods and unsaturated oils which are  The Natural Health Supplements.



It is best to avoid processed or refined foods which may undermine your health.

Reasons for Balanced Diet:

If you eat a properly balanced diet it helps you get protection against certain diseases. It may regulate the blood cholesterol levels, supply antioxidants to protect cells against damage by free radicals. Combination of a healthy diet and active lifestyle offers great health benefits and reduces the risk of health problems like heart ailments and cancer.

Weight Management:

Usually, refined or processed foods are loaded typically with saturated fats, sugar, and calories that undermine weight control. But a natural healthy diet inhibits weight gain and offers the necessary nutritional requirements of the body. Apart from a balanced diet with natural ingredients exercises, yoga helps to curb weight and lead a healthy life. Yoga helps to improve concentration on the body and breathing, and soothes person’s mind and helps to relieve worries. Yoga poses and breathing exercises help to discharge stress or tension and keeps a person free of these negative elements. So a person doing yoga and exercises regularly is sure to achieve the pink of psychological health.

Brain Health and Immunity System:

The health of brain is very crucial in the transmission of signals from eyes to brain and also affects people’s moods and reduces depression. Some reports reveal that important dietary factors can influence proper functioning of the brain day in and out. Those who consume saturated fat rich diet are affected by poor learning or memory, whereas supplements having Vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, help in natural brain functioning.

 Immunity System and Balance Diet:

Your immune system is nothing but a collection of interconnected tissues, cells and organs that protects the body from invasions of microorganisms like parasites, bacteria and fungi. Scientists have proved that people suffering from malnourishment are vulnerable to diseases. A balanced diet rich in minerals, vitamins or other nutrients helps to strengthen the immune system. Consumption of sufficient nutrients helps to contribute to strength and maintenance of an immune system, whereas not eating required nutrients may impair your immunity functions.

Natural products for our bodies:

Organic products are hugely popular nowadays in spite of the fact that they are a bit expensive. Many organic health supplements are now available and they improve the digestion with the regular elimination of toxic products from the body, which is the key to perfect health. These products help in boosting the immunity system and also prevent infections at the same time and help improve overall health, and give the best result if combined with proper diet and exercise.


It is best when you get your vitamins from whole foods or natural supplements. In case of natural supplements, products are made from food-based sources and body can absorb it properly.

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