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Product:   Language and the pursuit of Happiness 

 Author:     Chalmers Brothers 

 Price:          $20.05 paper back / FREE –  Audible trial ( 30 days) 

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My rating:   4.8 out of 5                                                           

The Language and the pursuit of Happiness Overview:

Almost each and every one of us is looking for a ground through which you will live a purpose and meaningful life. This is based on the understanding of what mirrors purpose and meaning in your life. The languages of understanding life are varied however the language that is easy to understand and covers every aspect of your life should be the charm to a blissful life!


The Language and the pursuit of Happiness book combine the elements of communication, joy, peace of mind and relationship in both personal and professional life exuding the life breakthrough!

Sure, happiness is common sense, but the power of language is profound!

It is common sense that we have core beliefs of what constitutes happiness. We have our perspective in the way we think, learn and execute our ideas and feelings in various circumstances. Given that we are human beings that base things based on science and biology, we shape our lives through people and environment that surround us. People inspire others to create a remarkable life but it is only through a language which is effective and long lasting that will have a positive impact in your life.


It’s not just a language, Language and the pursuit of Happiness is Everything….

The power of language that is contained in the book of language and pursuit of happiness has a lasting positive impact on the reader. The book is gathered from a wide network of respected thinkers, scientist, philosophers and psychologist who have brought concepts which are realistic and easily understandable. It offers new approaches to communication that is powerful and effective. For example, the book looks at the aspects of life in a wider sense where the language incorporates both internal and external environment, life at home, work and everywhere…


 it is a journey where all aspects of life are intertwined and braided together with moods, emotions and physical body.

Challenging your thinking is transformation

Making a crucial move out of your comfort zone is a new reality! Language and the pursuit of Happiness will dramatically change your thinking and challenge some of the core beliefs that seem to be common sense. It recognises the power of self-awareness and gives strategies that are effective to create in your own way thus being effective in turning your life around. The key principle of effectiveness is made clear by following a step by step instructions on how to distinguish yourself from the crowd, therefore, laying out the keys for creating a happier life.

The book gives you tools to understand yourself better in different dimensions by learning how to listen and think before reacting or answering. It reflects on how you are able to recognise and shift moods to the more positive thus feeling more contented, more thoughtful in a decision, less anxious and is good for somebody with mental health issues in improving his/her quality life.

It’s Conclusive, Language and the pursuit of Happiness Rocks!

I am a firm believer in this product. Taken from the physical, mental and emotional point of view, Language and the pursuit of Happiness is highly transformative. It provides a tone of language that is well designed and mirrors our life. It includes views from coaches, leaders, managers, spouses, parents etc in unlocking the mystery of happiness.  Combined with its openness to a new world of communication and understanding, Language and the pursuit of Happiness prides itself as the charm to a blissful life!

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about Language and the pursuit of Happiness or you want to live your own personal review or comment feel free to post.





Happy Healthy Life

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I am excited to engage a community which lives beyond one’s life. This mean person not thinking in their own world. In my theme ” Happy Healthy Life”, shifts paradigm of ‘staying‘ within the mind of oneself and acknowledging the ideology of give-take, learning, sharing and developing from other minds.


My name is Thomas or the short form Tom. Since my early childhood, i have seen and experienced ‘Two Worlds’, – the world of haves and haves-not. The haves has a benefit of living in many ways considering the resources – financial, influence, knowledge – they have acquired and made them look better. On the other hand, the haves-not live in a world where they are craving for benefits in their life in various ways.

I came from a humble background where my family and myself toiled to improve our livelihood. This was not that easy, we had to invest lots of time hardworking to clinch another level. Luckily, my handwork (and other family members) paid off and i was able to afford the basics of life and some decent education. During these times i integrated enormously with people who struggled to make ends meet and acquired the experience of what it meant to improve the basic living standard.

My affordability in education meant that i had to change location and share moments with other people in different environments. I was able to share with haves-not, middle haves and haves who made to reach to a high school. In my experience, i noted there were differences in life for the separate categories in their way of thinking, lifestyles and goals. This changed my perception and the way of relating to each distinct category so as to best fit the community.

The questions that lingered in my mind were why people from similar background had the same mindset that allowed themselves not to ‘loosen’ up to accommodate others who were from different backgrounds. For me, since i had acquired the interpersonal relationship skills with the distinct groups, i was able to gain some insight on people’s way of thinking and improve my understanding on why things happen the way they do.



I want to help people to have a well-thought-out happy life and share their ideas, thoughts and feelings that we possess or/and trying to acquire to have a blueprint of ‘Happy Healthy Life’. I believe by having a mutual discussion we will shift the paradigm of ‘lone rangers‘ to inclusive one where our life will be transitioned and have abundance and happiness. The most important thing is to interact and give an opinion on this path of health and happiness that would have a two-way ‘traffic’ resulting to WIN WIN situation.



The main goal of my site is to engage people to give, take, learn, share and contribute to happy life and therefore place an important meaning to happy living which we all strive for, although in essence, it seems to be elusive through modelling it to cater for the present situation.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any question, opinion or comment, please feel free to post and I will soon get back to you.