Health Diet Food

Eating right is the key to live a healthy life. Our body needs food and water to keep going, and the more nutritious food we intake makes us healthier and improves well-being. What we eat, when we eat, how much we eat; all these factors work together towards deciding how well we are and how much fit. Staying fit involves a lot of factors like regular exercise, appropriate eating portions and the type of food we eat which should be Health Diet Food.

What Is Healthy Eating?

Maintaining healthy eating habits is very important to maintain good health and general well-being.

Never skipping breakfast; eating frequent small meals in a day; choosing health-friendly foods over junk, sugary, oily foods; choosing fruit smoothies over sodas; incorporating more of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in daily diet are some of these good eating habits. They help us maintain good health and help in the maintenance of optimum weight and a happy countenance. It is best to inculcate good habits of healthy eating from an early age, as childhood is the stage of maximum development of the body.

How To Go About Eating Healthy:

Who has not heard the adage “if it is healthy, it cannot be tasty!” Well, that may not be so true today, as we have a lot of healthy options to junk food in our very home. Healthy eating habits tell you when to eat, how much to eat and what to eat. It is very important to follow these habits. Also, however, how to eat healthily is also something that we should know and follow.Healthy eating involves eating less or in moderate amounts of food by properly chewing small bites or pieces. It also helps to eat with someone as we tend to overeat if eating alone or distracted. It is also important not to eat in front of the television or while distracted or in the middle of work; as this also leads to overindulgence on account of distraction.

Be careful what you eat.

There are many food items present that can be included in your diet and can help your body. There is also certain other, synthetically produced or genetically modified foods available that may be a little difficult for the body to digest or even assimilate nutrition out of. It is important, therefore, to read labels on food products carefully before buying. GMO labelling or labelling about the contents and ingredients and nutrition information on packets is crucial information and should not be taken lightly.

What To Eat And Drink:

You may know the healthy eating habits to engage in, but you also need to know exactly what it is that you should consume.

Natural foods that are not processed are great for your body. Eat less of red meat and more of white meat like fish which is rich in omega three oils. Vegetables should never miss from your daily menu. They are the source of fibre and vitamins. You can drink coffee and tea but ensure you take water most of the time.

Green tea twice a day:
Drinking of 2 to 3 cups of green tea per day is sufficient to keep an individual active throughout the day. It also improves the metabolism of the body to a greater level, which is essential for weight loss. Due to the presence of antioxidants like catechins, green tea is associated with anti-cancerous properties.

Dinner should be the lightest meal:

A heavy meal during night time on a regular basis can lead to increased body weight. It may also result in stomach disorders like heaviness, heartburn or nausea. Therefore, one must make sure that the dinner

is consumed in a controlled manner.

Avocados should regularly be consumed:

Due to the abundance of nutrients, avocados come under the category of superfoods.


They are proven to decrease the levels of triglyceride and cholesterol. They are also loaded with fiber, which ensures that bowel movements remain normal.


It is clear that getting the balanced right, being careful what you eat and drink- which consists of natural food, green tea, light meal at dinner time and avocadoes – contributes largely to Health Diet Food.

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Elevation Of Health


It is essential to focus on ensuring that one is living a healthy and safe life towards the achievement of set life goals. The physical, mental and spiritual health is vital in ensuring that there is a continuous development in life.

Self-evaluation is necessary for ensuring that one is living a healthy life that will assist to achieve his or her potential leading to Elevation Of Health. The self-evaluation is used in providing an individual with the required information on which aspect of life to improve for a healthy living. It is crucial to focus on values and emotions in providing a positive health status for an individual as advocated by Dr John Demartini.

In evaluating your health it is important to focus on the hierarchy of values for a smooth flow of life.

Hierarchy of values:

The concept aims at identifying the highest and lowest values of an individual towards mental health. The emotions of an individual require being regulated in ensuring that there is a proper mental health that will assist in achieving the set goals of production. Ione is required to have an insight on the values that are necessary for a continuous emotional and psychological health. Proper evaluation of values makes it possible to understand the emotions and gratitude of an individual as THE VALUES FACTOR towards a healthy living.

Max Scheler’s Hierarchy of Values is aimed at providing an insight on how to evaluate the health of an individual towards a healthy and safe living.

Max Scheler’s focused on the value of the holy, spiritual values, vital values and pleasure values. Image result for max Scheler hierarchy of values

Values of the holy The focus is on ensuring that there is focus on what is right to the people for a steady flow of the society.

Spiritual Values:

The values are delivered from various teachings and studies which are aimed at increasing the ability of an individual to deal with emotional issues where one prefers to love or hate.
Vital values The values are aimed at increasing the welfare of an individual or the community for a continuous social progress through self-evaluation.
Pleasure values The values require proper evaluation as it considers the agreeing and disagreeing with an individual in a particular matter. Dr Demartini states the needs of ensuring that there is a proper perception in dealing with the public and private values.


The evaluation of emotions involves the measurement of the pleasure and displeasure of an individual in regards to a particular issue. It is essential to focus on the pleasant things for the achievement of set social and economic goals through a healthy living. The common emotions of individuals are happiness, sadness, anger and fear which require proper health evaluation for improved human behaviour.It is important to consider security, comfort, and pleasure to have an emotion that has a positive perception of things life. Image result for emotions as a value.


It is the science which focuses on the health of the mind for a steady flow of the community. It is important to continually evaluate your health through visiting a psychologist who provides the required techniques for mental health to an individual.


It is critical for an individual to be thankful for the different things that are performed in the society. The act of showing appreciation is an indication of a proper health status for an individual and is an Elevation Of Health when sincerely done.

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