Abundance and Happiness

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible
summer”Albert Camus

Everyone wishes to live the abundant life. You need to see life in a new way and have gratitude for the smallest blessings in your life. Let go of yesterdays burden by the power of forgiving and forget and unshackle the chains of challenge binding you. The ability to live in the present provides the capability to live in Abundance and Happiness.

“Abundance is in large part, an attitude” Sue Patton Thoele

Living an abundant life is a dream everyone wants to achieve. It is directly linked to abundance unleased.We all want a life which is full of happiness, prosperity and peace. It may seem difficult to have abundant life on the face of it, but in reality, everyone has what it takes to have abundant life. The most important ingredient for abundance in life is an attitude and your attitude is something you can only control.

Roadmap to Abundant Life:

Success is a very subjective term. According to me, success is living a happy and fulfilled life.What is it that takes to have an abundant life as explained by Christian ‘s  Abundance Unleashed here, let’s see few important constituents of it.

1. Clarity of Belief:

A pure heart having clarity of purpose of life

will always guide the mind having clarity of belief and will bring the sense of purpose in the tasks undertaken.

2. Abundance Mentality:

Abundance mentality is to know that there is enough for everyone. This mindset evolves from the realisation of self-worth and love for humanity. Remember anyone’s gain is not necessarily your loss.

3. Confidence to make the most of every opportunity:

Develop the confidence to make the best of every opportunity you get, Analyze if you can you combine it with the skills you already.

4. Build your Self Esteem:

The easiest way to achieve abundant life is to build your self-esteem.

Recognize your worth and leverage your strength to accomplish the challenges undertaken.Many aspects of life can be utilized to improve your self-esteem.For example; better and satisfying job based on the capabilities encourage people under you to build their self-confidence and self-esteem. It will help you in building yourself.Keep a company of friends who encourage positive thinking and value what you are.

Practice to Achieve Awareness of Abundance in Life.

1. Slow Down.

The world is moving at a fast pace, and all of us are pulled in a million directions at all the times, but what we want is stillness. “Also as they say that Still, Water Runs Deep”. When we slow down and focus on one thing at a time, we develop the clarity. And this is one perspective which leads us to joy.

2 Be Grateful for what you have.

Chasing perfection in all our pursuits and all the times will leave us dissatisfied. Choosing to be grateful for what God has given us in our lives now gives us self-esteem and power.

It allows us to control our attitude and allows us a measured response to situations, rather than being

3. Reframe your Perspective.

It is natural to look at the things in your life that are obstacles, limitations, difficult circumstances. Many times our greatest moments come from our deepest pain, and also our most creative work comes after identifying the obstacles and limitations.


There will always be hardships, limitations, and difficulties in
life. Even after you achieve what you want, you will still face problems. The secret is not to look for a perfect life. The secret is evolving to
deal with it in a more systematic manner, thereby solving the problems and progressing.

A simple roadmap is to do the following:

  • ·Believe in yourself, assess the problem.
  • · Balance your thoughts by having the clear approach to the situation.
  • · Evolve a strategy, execute the same with confidence.

The brush of your imagination will paint the masterpiece life of your Abundance and Happiness. It is you who decides what would make you the happiest in the life you are living.

I hope you enjoyed the reading and if you have an opinion or a question, please post and i will soon get back to you.



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