Abundance Unleased

Abundance Unleashed is a book by Christian Mickelsen, CEO of
Future Force and personal coach. Mickelsen’s message is simply one of love,
health, happiness and wealth. The subtitle of the book says it all: Open
yourself to more money, love, health and happiness now.

Book Review

The book Abundance Unleashed begins with the premise that all
human beings possess infinite abundance and happiness by recognizing our innate greatness and learning to love ourselves we can all achieve our best dreams of success.

Mickelsen has perfected a five-step system to success.

1. He shares his personal prayers of abundance and his peace
process to heal yourself, induce happiness and manifest your best self to the

2. His techniques are goal oriented, self-empowering and will help you tap
into all the wealth, happiness, money, love and ultimately abundance that you

External forces of any kind like society, the economy or politics are not stronger than our internal forces. Our fears, our doubts and negative mental models of the way the world around us works. We have to let go of our negative thinking to achieve abundance.

By letting go of these inner roadblocks to the success we increase our self-esteem and confidence levels. With added vigour in our lives, it becomes easier to gain clarity and to change our mentality. We open the floodgates of massive abundance on our lives. All this is extended in the copy of  Abundance Unleashed.

3. To start living abundantly, however, we must take the first step. We must recognize that our problems only become magnified when we live passively. We must begin to live mindfully. We must begin to be proactive and less reactive to situations of difficulty. This is the way to abundance and

In order to heal ourselves spiritually, we have to recognize that we are sick. After recognizing our errors, we have to teach ourselves new patterns of thinking. Mickelsen’s prayers of abundance are a powerful way to always be thinking thoughts that will bring forth, joy, wealth and love in our lives.

4. To allow our inner abundance manifest in our finances, personal and professional dreams we need the clarity of goal-oriented living.The power of the human mind to achieve a goal once set is amazing. It is almost as if in the universe there exists an essence of possibilities and our minds can influence this essence.

5. Through preparing mindfully, practising and iterating we can affect the essence all around us so that we act in ways that attract our desires towards us. We attract the kind of love-life or career success we desire. It is possible to open yourself up to more love and money and happiness than you can imagine.


Christian Mickelsen encourages us to take the path that fewer people travel. His success techniques are a toolkit for anyone who wants to make a bigger impact on the world, while having loads of fun and making money doing it.

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