As The Man Thinketh In His Heart So Is He


The other day i was researching the main challenges that we as the human being faced in life and the google came up with a variety of listed items. I narrowed down to the current problems that affect us and the results were similar to my expectations where money, time, health, education, personal uncertainties and fulfilment occupied the first spot.

While most of these challenges are present in our situations, the research results gave many ideas on how we can overcome them. The success of overcoming the challenges depend hugely on individual circumstances thereby giving personal issues a further priority. The way to address success stems from your burning desires as advocated  here by Napoleon Hill  meaning……. human being needs to have a thought out about him/herself first before anything else and  if i would pose this questions ……. have you ever felt that you have work your guts out and not receive the results you were expecting. Similarly, have you tried to start something with somebody and then you compare yourself with somebody who is at the same level or circumstance like you and then you didn’t get the same results? This is related to pursuing your passion.

In answering those questions i stumbled in one of the bbookswhile i was doing research. As A Man Thinketh’  gave me a thought out  results to challenges that affect individuals. Thought and character has been emphasised in the book as the masterpiece that makes or breaks  a man. A man is literally what he thinks with his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts. I have found that a person’s mind  harbours the thinking power where the negative thoughts brings pain and the positive creates joy.

Research tells us that  The Common Denominator of Success’ is so powerful that it affects our future. The success is not only measured by how well you carried out a particular project or how good was your outcome but rather how well you adapted to cope with the challenging stuff in the circumstances. In the modern world we are living in, we have challenges in our face and it is only those who have Will-power and right tools of survival that will have longevity when ‘tsunami’ comes knocking.

There was this one time when i was thinking among the big seven – money, fame, power, contentment, personality, peace of mind and happiness – which one should be taken as preference over others. Generally, all looked to affect life in one way or another even if there was opportunity to miss one and also naturally, you could not afford all in one basket. If you were in my position which one would you choose first?

In my situation, considering the fact that i stumbled in a powerful book in the library – ‘The Common Denominator Of Success’ while i was seeking printing services, the book gave me a different school of thought where the success of individual is boiled down to forming a habit of doing that failures don’t like to do. There are many things that failures don’t like doing  but you have to find your life your way.

Today, i want to teach you that there are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. Faith removes limitations and richness begin in the form of thought! As a person you need to have a  strong desire to persist in what you believe in. Your belief gives you power which is a driving force to success. Power is required to have money and retain it, power evokes strong personality and its through power that you find contentment and happiness. Folks it is only through your thoughts, ideas and organised plans that you will realise the fruits of growing rich.

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2 Replies to “As The Man Thinketh In His Heart So Is He”

  1. This is powerful indeed -so in essence, thoughts create things… That book is a must read and i have to lay my hands on it. Your article is a great many help to all more so that pessimism has now become a disease in the society that we live in.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I love giving the information that I have and think it’s important to people.Thanks again to have time to comment. Cheers Tompac

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