Believe and Achieve

Have you ever felt depressed? Do you find it difficult to achieve your desire things? Do you think that destiny is predetermined? You are not alone. Many of us believe that luck is predetermined. We cannot achieve more than our destiny. We always take the failure as the destiny.

But in reality, we are the creator of our destiny. Our life is the manifestation of our thought. All the human beings have the thinking ability that might be positive and negative. If you attract more positive energy towards your life, you can achieve more success. You should not allow the success to determine your beliefs. Instead, you should let your beliefs to decide the success and therefore to set your right destiny you need to Believe and Achieve.

How can believe help in success?

Our belief becomes the stepping stone to the success. If you have the positive thinking and you think that you are able to achieve all your dreams, then the law attraction will start to work for you. This is illustrated by Kulin Desai’s book “BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE here.

Your belief will be converted into success by following the four laws of success that includes the law of believe, law of expectation, law of imagination, and law of attraction.

Law of Believe:

As mentioned earlier, your life revolves around our thought. If it is positive then you will be motivated to try hard to achieve more. You will experience the transformation in every area of life with a positive belief. Your thought will be broadened and you can dream to achieve the things that even cannot come to your mind with a negative thought. With a positive belief towards your life, you will be able to lead a happy life.

Law of Attraction:

The positive thought will attract the things in your favour. You will send a positive approach to nature and environment. The law of the attraction will start working on your behalf.

You can achieve the things with strong determination and with the support of the law of attraction. Law of attraction is more powerful than your destiny

Law of Imagination:

Your imagination can do miracles for you.

If you start imaging positive things, you will see many positive improvements in your life that might be personal and professional. Your life will be filled with the positive feeling and you will get more appreciation from your work environment. The positive vibration will work for you. Similarly, the negative thoughts will be reflected in your life. If you think that you are unable to achieve something, you will lose the battle there only.

Law of Expectation:

When you expect the success, you will be planning to try hard until the end. You have won the battle in your mind. Once your mind is strong and positive, you can convert any failure into success. The law of expectation and the law of attraction will work on your behalf to bring success for you.

Your expectation is powerful like your deed. It will never let you down.


If you want to achieve something, then first you will have to try to redirect your thought process. You will have to believe yourself instead of believing your destiny. The process might be a little difficult for you if you do not believe in the law of nature and law of attraction.

You will have to develop a practice to build a very strong positive attitude towards your life. Once you start believing yourself, all the things will be taken care of by the law of attraction. Start dreaming and believing in your ability, you will be the winner in every field of life as advocated by Kulin Desai.

I hope you have enjoyed the reading and if you have a question or comment, please feel free to post and i will soon get back to you.





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