Importance of Personal Development

Today’s world is changing at an alarming rate. Being in 21 st Century, we find ourselves not able to cope with the ever changing trend since everything changes, every second. The average human life is relatively short and the truth is that you need to make the best in your life period, by improving yourself through recognising the importance of personal development.

Personal development caters to better oneself with the necessary activities, skills and talents in a way to enhance one’s life. According to Thich Nhat Hanh ‘s book here, peace and happiness are available in every moment and is only possible when it is immersed in the present moment. There are various life hacks which include social means like Reddit and courses like Udemy which forms a significant part of today’s personal development.

Importance of Personal Development:

For you to develop personally, you need to figure out what you want to be successful at. Some people have a magic touch and attract amazing opportunities, other struggles with their goals while others do not have specific goals.

Personal development takes into account self-awareness and identity to reach high potential.  This is done through developing human talent, skills and employing relevant resources which contribute toward a realisation of dreams and aspirations. The importance of personal development cannot be ignored since the digital world requires us to stay trendy. This means being equipped with a new set of the plans to stay relevant and survive in the large economy where careers, businesses, investment and technology as the main focus are increasingly evolving.

Challenges in Achieving Personal Development:

Developing yourself means you are realising the need of a change which eventually transforms your life. This changes sometimes don’t come easily and you will face challenges along the way.Fears, self-doubts and worries are some of the common inward hurdles you feel down the chills while mapping your plans for personal growth.  Stress, anxiety, frustration and procrastination brings the bigger pictures of the challenges that one is exposed to while trying to reach your aspirations.

 Dealing with Personal Development Challenges:

Success is largely a process that begins and ends in your mind.  It is not about what you do but how you do it. We need to apply and act on a concept to free ourselves from self-doubt, fears and worries and as Marcus Aurelius has poignantly stated “Ambition is trying your well-being to the outcome. Sanity means trying it to your actions”. To do this we need to understand that mind, as a faculty of consciousness and thought, is so powerful that it can dictate the self-growth in diverse dimension. Therefore we need to find peace with our minds so as to deal with the challenges that deter us from achieving self-development.

Practising Personal Development:

Acting in ways that remove you from anxiety provoking situation is essential. However engaging in practices that make you free from the fear you face, instead of facing the reality, makes us feel more stress and anxious. It follows that life will never transform until the fear of the truth that you only have ceased and you start blending into the new ways of life.

The various ways of achieving personal development includes;

  1. Practising mindfulness – the ability to work with present state, good or bad- and make you do everything in your power to accept what it is. Jon Kabat Zinn’s book clearly explains the power of mindfulness that ” whatever you are thinking right now that’s what’s on your mind.
  2. Practising the greatest gift of self-awareness.  Learning to recognise your subconscious mind is very important in that self-sabotage and fears are easily noted. By honest introspection, you are able to understand yourself better, pay attention and overcome fear.
  3. Having focus and will power. These are important attributes that are needed to change habits we have. Avoiding underlying fear or resistances requires acquiring new behaviours which increase consciousness and needs to be exercised regularly so that they become a second nature.
  4.  Persistence. Making the choice to succeed every moment needs a great deal of perseverance. Success is a constant, ongoing series of choices you continue to make despite the difficulties you are faced with. As Samuel Johnson stated ” Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance.

Tips to Self Development:

  •  Daily Mantra/ Meditation- Love yourself as your life depends on it and embracing the fall apart and bouncing back as suggested by Kamal Ravinkat.
  •  Focusing on things you can control and leave the one which is beyond intervention.
  •  Exercising your mind, body and soul in meditating, exercising, eating healthy foods, ample sleep and enjoying nature.
  •  Embracing social relationship of friends and leaning on them for support.
  • Serving others in your capacity and feeling ‘special’ for your contribution.

It is worth noting that personal development places a key role in all areas of growth in life. Practising self-awareness goes to a great height of achieving success in career, investment, business, technology and personal goal.

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Daily Positive Thoughts

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Each and every day, a human being wakes up with a thought. This could be an idea, concept, plan, contemplation , impression etc which is a mental activity and could be as a result of a particular subject or a detail of something. The comparison of creative force in people’s thoughts bring the differences in mankind.

The reason behind the differences in people in terms of success, power, health etc in life attainment cannot be ignored. Creative power of thought needs to be fully understood so as to see a marvellous effect as a result of its proper application, diligence and concentration. Some men reach their ambitions, desires and ideals with little effort while others conquer with great difficulties and others fail altogether to reach either of these ambitions.

The law of attainment

A person who  learns that the power comes from within, and he is weak only because he has depended on help from outside and throws himself on his thought, assumes a strong attitude and stands tall in acknowledging the law of attainment.This law as well as every other law is in constant operation and is bringing to individual exactly what he has created and therefore fulfilling the law of ‘ a man reaps what he soweth’.This is advocated by Charles Haanel  in his book  The Master Key  here.

And What is the Creator of Attainment and Abundance…….

Now that you have recognised that law is important in self attainment, it follows that mind, though is the source of thoughts, is not only the creator of the law but the creator of all attainment. If you need to reap handsomely you should acknowledge the law of Abundance where nothing can be certainly created  before we know what can be created and then make proper effort.

Law of Abundance as evidenced by S.F Buffington eliminates the element of uncertainty by placing the spirit which dominates every field of effort and strengthens the relationship of cause and effect. Men now understand that for every result there is adequate and definite cause and that when a given result is desired, they seek the only condition that they may attain the results. The condition  consists of comparing a number of separate instances with one another until ‘something’ that  gives rise to them is seen.

Which are these instances….

Instances are brought by modes of activities operating in our mind. The modes of activities are the conscious and subconscious mind. Conscious or Objective Mind deals with  the outward and changeable objects while the Subconscious or Subjective Mind is the interior power that  controls the regular functions which make physical life possible.

The Conscious mind, due to its discriminating nature, carries the responsibility of choice where  the energy that flows from it has the power of reasoning. This power not only can it impress other mind but it can direct the Subconscious mind therefore being labelled as ‘responsible ruler and guardian of the Subconscious Mind’. The Conscious mind has a high function which  can completely reverse conditions in your life and is directly related  with condition of fear, worry, poverty, disease and all evils of all kinds which dominate us by the reason of false accepted by the unguarded Subconscious Mind.

The Subconscious mind never sleeps nor rests, its processes are rapid and does not wait the reasoning of conscious mind if it is slow. It has been found that by stating plainly to the Subconscious Mind certain specific things to be accomplished, forces are set in operation that lead to the result desired. The operation of this mind as a law is interesting and those who put it in operation have a touch’ with harmony where everything is properly arranged. Subconscious mind resonates with all instances and those who have learnt to trust the subconscious find that they have infinite resources at their command therefore setting principles of their aspirations.

And now the positive thought …….

Since finding that the Subconscious mind is the seat of our principles, we need to cultivate daily positive thoughts to become a habit. We should form a healthy habit of thought and life where we do over and over again. In doing this we will improve our physical, mental and spiritual side of ourselves by living in harmony with our minds which will attract the natural law of Abundance.

Daily positive thoughts bring a system that manifest within us when practised. It is the source of preservation of life and restoration of health in physical side, on the mental side its the storehouse of the memory and due to its spiritual side of imagination, we are able to realise our aspirations.

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