The League of Power

The moment you were born, you were surrounded by both internal and external conditions where human and nature were present. These environment influenced you in a huge way in terms of how you grew and moulded you in a certain way. The way you were moulded have a great effect in the circle you are and how you feel about yourself.

The league of power is a secret which is found within you and determines how you create your life. In the movie and book “The Secret”, motivates the man to exercise his power which is bestowed in him. It recognises that the power to be yourself is with you and the outside is an obstruction which is powerless.

Determining the league of power.

Surroundings influence us in a certain way and we embrace the interaction and engagement that we find ourselves in. In my post about myself, i elaborated how my interaction with people from different background had a major impact in my growth and put me in a league where i would resonate with my perception and reality experiments.

League as generally applied in competition, combination or category  as a measurement, is also present in power. It is worth noting that you as a person, you are not one person but three. You are who you think you are; the others you think you are and the one you really are. From these three person in one falls the litmus test  where your league is determined.

Developing your league

You create your life by how you think. Your thoughts are the one which will appear the most in your life and whatever you radiate from inside will be seen from outside. This is the secrecy of power and puts you in top league where your self awareness is embraced. Developing your league therefore stems from self awareness and  self assessment where you recognise your powers and evaluate the changes that you can make to reflect the “all good” inside you.

Since now you realise that you can change inside you by radiating powerful thoughts, it follows that you are confidence in being yourself and that  three person in you – how you think, how others think, who you are – cannot be a barrier in developing the league that you would like to play. Mindfulness is a len through which you view yourself no matter what happens in the outside word. It is a powerful tool where you learn to change your perspective on the situation and embrace anxiety as a gift where you develop deeper understanding of what it means to be human. Therefore self awareness, self assessment and mindfulness take the top positions in developing your league.

Positivity in your League:

Habits are what make a person live his life, his way. Positive habits reflect a great outlook when consistently applied and determines the top league in power. For you to remain top in your league, you need to equip with weapons which will vibrate optimism  and cultivate it all through. The main positive attributes are wired under self reliance as advocated by “The wisdom of insecurity here”.

In 1841, Ralph Emerson emphasised the need of having self reliance  as means to achieve the top league of power and recognising the external environment as a wave. In his words “ Society is a wave. The waves moves onward, the water of which it is composed does not” describes the power of self trust. He continues ” We cannot stop the waves of crushing down, but we can learn to surf with each new waves”. This means we can take the reins of our life and steer it in a more grounded way.

Enhancing positivity in your league.

So far you know the power of self reliance. This is a vital tool in practising who you are and self acknowledgement of stopping to compare yourself with others who do not have a path in your life. By recognising you have a unique path. you can follow practises which bring positivity in your league and  this include:

  • Developing happy outlook by practising happy effects in your mind and meditating about activities that extends our peaceful moments.
  • Looking for positive in all in our experience  by accepting harsh experience and refocusing on positive ideas.
  • Cultivating optimism where the power of purpose, self esteem and life satisfaction are easily achieved.
  • Practising active gratitude by feeling thankful and sharing with others.
  • Determining core values and having commitment in achieving them.
  • Visualising  self compassion by getting things done within your ability.

In Conclusion

It is quite clear that by practising top league of power, you strike the biggest boost in your energy and motivation. You will be able to trust yourself, have a voice of mastering your emotions, celebrate adversity by having power of self reliance and you will seperate yourself from everything which does not bring comfy to you. Mindfulness brings a bigger picture of  self connecting with reality which brings the greater purpose of understanding ourselves well.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have a question or comment, feel free to post.