Change Your Life Challenge

Being worried is like being in a rocking chair, you are moving but actually not going anywhere. In today’s life, people are always worried about what they will eat, wear or drink tomorrow. This has made people be always on the move. It is another word content.Sometimes it is better to sit still and be calm.   By doing so you will be able to view your life in a different way by changing your questions and Change Your Life Challenge as advocated by Wendy Watson here.

One can also look at the following ways to avoid worries and fear :

a) Do not compare yourself with others:
You may have classmates or colleagues who look like they have made it in life. When you compare where they are to where you are it makes you feel worried. Since you do not know the paths they took in life to be where they are, it is good to be who you are. Give yourself hope that one day you will get to the top.


b) Praying:
Prayers are ways of communicating to your maker. Just the way your body needs nourishment, your spirit man needs nourishment as well. For Christians, one is encouraged to read their bible and pray.

This will give you strength to go on if you are stuck and hope that things will change for your good. One should have faith since it is the evidence of things not seen. Praying will also help you overcome the temptations that may come your way. In addition to that, the Bible will encourage you not to be worried since God will take care of your needs. Neither are you supposed to be fearful since God has you in the palm of his hands? If you don’t know how to pray let a friend or spiritual leader pray for you.


c) Live in the present:
Ensure that you live today not thinking about tomorrow. Charmagnes Matthews’ “How to live IN THE MOMENT book stresses that one should not have the hurry of accomplishing everything today. Give yourself time to enjoy what today has offered. Living in the past will also make you feed the worries of the future. Live today and let tomorrow take care of itself when you get there. To help you stop worrying about tomorrow, it will also involve telling yourself not to worry. Distract yourself with positive thoughts.

d) Talk to someone
Sometimes we get fearful or worried by keeping our problems to ourselves. A problem shared is surely half solved. Maybe whatever problem that you have has got its answer with someone else who went through the same thing and overcame.

That person can be instrumental in helping you get rid of your fears and worries. You can find a spiritual leader, a mentor, a trusted friend or relative to talk to.

 e) Exercising
Exercises are a great way of distracting yourself

Besides that, it will help you get rid of negative energy that will make you worry or fear. It also helps clear one’s mind and helps them stay focused. Not only do exercises keep one fit physically, they also help one healthy mentally.

f) Healthy eating
Healthy eating will make you feel good about yourself.

You will not have to worry about your health in future because of the healthy food decisions that you will make. Healthy eating will also keep you in shape which will boost your confidence as well.


By practising the above ways of avoiding worries and fear, you will have accomplished a lot  to beat the life challenge.

I hoped you enjoyed reading and if you have any question or comment, please feel free to post.