Happy Healthy Life website- http://www.livebeyondone.com- brings the force of irresistible where topics  concerning happiness, health, therapy, mindfulness etc has been highly discussed. However, there are questions which are often asked by audience in relation to these topics. As a result of this, i have narrowed down them to Frequently Asked Questions as follows ;

a) Is recognising yourself the same as being happy?

Having a self awareness means you readily recognise yourself. Recognising yourself gives you power to choose the way you feel, what you think and experience and this is the first step of unlocking the secret of happiness.

b) Psychological view of happiness is stressed more, is it the bottom line of      happiness?

Psychological  happiness recognises array of feelings which can be either; positive/negative or good/bad which is associated with our inner-self. Since happiness comes from within, psychological processes strive in concluding the quest for personal happiness as advocated here by the happiness of garden.

c) In your website, psychological feelings and level of income are inter-        chargeable what does it mean?

Results from researchers have shown that certain levels of income have large influence in psychological feelings.  Though the research is seen this way and other ways as attributed by MarBeth Dunn here, there is a fact that a parallel relationship exists between money and daily expenses. Settling of expenses with ease reduces stress which brings a positive vibe of wellness.

d) Am i going to follow GALL-UP opinion or Maslow hierarchy of needs?

GALL-UP opinion is a poll theory exploring the association of high income with psychological needs. Maslow’s hierarchy explains the theory of motivation in each succeeding level. None of the theory expounds on the level of personal satisfaction which should be followed.

e) Does therapy only include physical, emotional and psychological aspects?

Therapy is largely concerned with relieve, healing and treatment. While over 90 percent of therapy is concerned with physical, emotional and psychological aspects, it is imperative to concentrate with inner environment as opposed to outside environment which is beyond our intervention.

f) Do you have to read the book by Napoleon Hill and The Common Denominator of Success to have your life your way?

Napoleon Hill is an author of ‘Think and Grow Rich ‘;   Bob Proctor has authored ‘ The Common Denominator of Success ‘. It is worth noting that the two authors brought ideas of overcoming challenges in our present situations and the books are rich in guiding your life way, your way. To have your life, your way is a personal choice.

g) Among money, fame, power, contentment, personality, peace of mind and happiness , which one is the best to choose?

Situations present  themselves differently  and are varied, the same as personal preferences. Power is the strongest driving force towards success which evokes personality, money, contentment and happiness.

h) In your blog, is it a must to go with global movement?

Global Movement is seen as ‘tsunami’  which is revolutionising many sectors of the economy. It is worthy noting that if you don’t ‘go’ with tsunami, you will not realise the force that goes with ‘stepping up’ in  a revolutionised world!

i) Are the schools going to be substituted with search engine google and bing?

Schools are there today, the same as time of immemorial. Search engines google and bing are recent development which are increasingly gaining popularity. They are able to give information and other materials that are readily sought online to the audience where schools are ‘lax’.

There are questions which may not find its way in FAQ and therefore goes unanswered. If you have such /any other question or comment feel free to post.



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