Happiness And Satisfaction

Many people don’t know the essence of life. The essence of life is to live happily. Happiness is simply the satisfaction of desires. If you desire to achieve something in life, you will be happy and content the day you achieve it. Most people don’t find happiness in their wealth or possession. This is because wealthy does not provide happiness. It may provide happiness indirectly but it is not a prerequisite to happiness. Living a life where desires are met is living a life of  Happiness And Satisfaction.

How you can find happiness

It is important to note that happiness is both inward and outward. Internal peace creates happiness and satisfaction. There are many things by which you can find happiness. Spending time with loved ones is one way of finding happiness. Family matters a lot, and also you can consider the situation where social content is more important than individual in determining happiness as explained by Hiroshi and Kristen. You can take a day off or during the weekend when you aren’t at work and spend time with your family members. Of course, they will feel loved and appreciated. When your family is happy, you are also happy. It is very important to seek the things that encourage you and have a positive impact on your way of thinking and doing things. This is because happiness comes from your brain. There is a hormone that is released when you are happy. This improves your health and well-being.

Seeking personal happiness:

You can also seek personal happiness by walking alone in nature. It’s called taking a nature walk. Walking in nature gives you an opportunity to see new things and discover new places.  This engages your mind and spirit and results in internal peace and happiness. Dancing is also a great way to find happiness. It sweeps you to the next world of fantasy and happiness. It makes you forget your worries and problems and gives you a great moment of happiness.

Seeking happiness from different people from different cultures:

There are also people who seek happiness by involving different cultures. This takes into account the social context of happiness as explained in Redistribution Happiness. There are many cultures all over the world. If you visit different people who have different traditions and cultures, you will be happy to see the amazing people and amazing cultures. Most people also seek happiness from different practices such as Tai Chi.

Tai Chi has been practised in China for many years. It keeps your body and spirit busy. It has also been proven to ignite happiness. There is also another philosophy practice practised by Costa Ricans; the practice involves a simple care-free pre-life.

Where To Experience Great Happiness:

Norway is actually the happiest country on earth. People in Norway are happier and enjoy life than any other people on earth. Generosity, freedom, good health and honest are all prerequisites to happiness. Happiness is all about appreciating the little things you have and finding internal happiness. If you are able to appreciate the little you have and spend time with your family and loved ones, you will be able to live a very happy life.

Most people mistake happiness with wealth. Wealth is not a source of happiness. Material possessions do play a tremendous role in happiness but they don’t guarantee happiness. Happiness must come from your heart. It is something that is manufactured in the human brain. Seeking happiness is a responsibility. You can find different ways of seeking happiness.

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