How Is Secret Happiness

Happiness is the one thing most people want in life. They desire it above fame and fortune. Even though most people want happiness, they are not happy. Are you among those who are looking for happiness, but just can’t seem to find it? You try to do everything right, but nothing seems to go right. You are not alone. Many people find them self in the same situation. But don’t give up. Happiness is there waiting for you to discover it. So How Is Secret Happiness?  Is it inside you or not right now?  The fact is that nothing can stop you from being happy once you discover the secret.

So what is the secret? It is a decision. The secret to happiness is to decide that you are going to be happy. And the secret to more happiness is to true knowledge. When you apply true knowledge, also called truths, true principles, or natural laws, happiness will be the consequence. It just is. To gain a clearer understanding, we need to look at real life situations.

Live a Life of Service

People who serve others are the happiest people on earth. The attention is moved from any stress they may be experiencing to helping other people. When creating for others, you instantly become a happy person. All leaders and teachers live a life of service and are usually the happiest people.

Smile Frequently

See my toothy grin? That’s me the majority of the time. Sure I run into all types of stuff just like anybody else. I am not immune from difficulties. I’ve learned to smile through the tough times though. Smiling is an instant tension reliever. Go ahead, give it a shot now.

Never Debate Unless A Useful Purpose Can Be Served

Most debate is an emotionally-charged ego thing. I’m right; you’re wrong. You often see this with politics when passion turns into rudeness. Newsflash: there are millions of people on earth who share the same viewpoint. Respectfully disagree with the other party, appreciate their take, and move on to people who you can agree with.

The debate can sharpen the mind if the conversation is fact-based and is pointed toward a definite end. If it’s just a right-wrong thing charged with wild emotions, It might provide you with a false sense of pride until someone more intelligent than you knock you down, causing more unhappiness.

Remain Active

“Pray and move your feet.” – Quaker Wisdom

For our short stay on earth, the body is our home. Take care of it by keeping it moving. Delay = Decay. Everything is naturally in a state of flux. To remain energetic and happy it’s vital to exercise daily. Perform some form of cardiovascular activity for at least 30 minutes a day. Walking is fine. Just keeps it moving.

Know that you can choose in every situation

Recognize and respect the choices you make and take an active role in your own life. Even when you think you have no choice considering what it is that causes you to feel that way and decide whether or not you are using the ‘no choice-blame’ thing as an excuse.

Be present, be you, be now

Respect yourself and your abilities. Find ways to reward your achievements, celebrate your relationships and honour your choices. Develop your emotional literacy, your intellect, your physical health and explore whatever spiritual, metaphysical path completes you.

Be Careful of What You See and Hear

What we put into our minds and bodies is critical. Be careful what you allow yourself to hear because what we hear influences our beliefs. Because we know this, we can make sure that what we watch and listen to will positively affect our beliefs as well.

Make Your Work a Calling

Don’t just work for a paycheck, make what you do a higher calling. Love what you do, enjoy your work. Strive to fulfil your purpose and plan your work.

In real life, most things that bring unhappiness have to do with our health, relationships with others, and money. The choices you make every day have consequences that you have no control over. Even though you have no control over the results, you have 100% control over how you choose to treat your money, people around you, and your health.

In Conclusion

 How Is Secret Happiness has been explored in a more perspective way.Each one of these areas have natural laws that govern them, and once you learn these laws and put them in practice, the consequences will be greater health, more fulfilling relationships, and financial freedom. All this will make it easier to be happier.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and if you have any question or opinion please post and I will get back to you soon.