Life Abundance

Since the time immemorial,  man has been subjected to laws. Some of these laws come naturally and others are Influenced by man and both are found in the great universe.The Law of the universe, as a rule,  is clear about how people apply themselves and resources to have a potential outcome. The law of attraction, law of action and law of attainment sums up the Life Abundance.

Money, success, health and happiness are the most common items that linger in man’s mind when you are unlocking the secret of happiness and life is in abundance. It is worth noting each person has a unique way in which he or she perceives these items and certain habits need to be in place for you to realise the life abundance that we all clamour for.

Changing your life by having effective habits are crucial to have Money, Success, Health and Happiness as clearly stated by Michael Dinuri in his book “Unlock Your Abundance”.

 Let go of the past.

The 1st step is to recognize our beliefs and values,   and especially those that limit us and hold us back. Maybe we think, “If I lose my belly fat or 20 pounds, I will now be beautiful”. Or, “If I get a new job, I will now be successful.” In truth, after getting those things, we will want to lose an extra 5 pounds and get a job promotion. The target will continue moving further away and the same will happen to our Happiness. Our past experiences and family/society expectations often drive this state of mind. We must learn to let go of those limiting beliefs, be free in order for us to achieve anything we set our mind to.

 Be Positive.

The 2nd step is to live presently because that is the only guaranteed thing. We are frequently worried about the future and the past and really miss the present. Switching off our worries is the key to success. Positive attracts positive as advocated by the law of attraction, so start looking on the brighter side and live the present.

 Manifest your future.

A lot of us never get to that quiet, calmness, and peace to really make out what we want out of life. What comes so easy to us?

What are our true talents and passions? We frequently do the same thing and expect different outcomes. Our mind functions like GPS and tells our body, the world, the direction we want to go. We must have a clear vision  (best to write it down and read it daily) of what we really want.

 You are what you eat.

Be happy and know what type of diet is best for you. Success is what brings happiness in a person. Our energy and nutrition are at large determined by our lifestyle which indeed determines your happiness. This is advocated by “eat YOUR WAY TO HAPPINESS” which is authored by Elizabeth Somer. Attain happiness by eating whole, real, unprocessed foods to help restore your hormonal balance which is essential for controlling your metabolism.

 Exercise and sleep.

Life demands a lot. One of the greatest requirements is the exercise for our body.  Yes, this sounds difficult but a little motivation will get you attaining that physical shape. We only need to prepare our body psychologically to finish a 30-minute physical exercise. Always relax your body and mind before retiring to bed. Inadequate sleep causes hormonal imbalance and this can greatly affect your happiness in life.

 Look good.

Happiness is brought by how we look. Always feel attracted by knowing who you are. Always move with time, make your identity known by always being new. Be that person who is always ready to change to accept the reality. Perspective creates reality and to an extent brings happiness.

Take care of yourself.

Your psychological state of mind matters a lot in bringing happiness. Treat your body and mind to positive things to keep your emotions healthy and happy. Your mind needs food, it should be properly nourished, given plenty rest, made fit and always filled with the right energy.


It is clear that effective habits play a major role in enhancing abundance life. The habits should be taken as a natural law and practised again and again.

I hope you enjoy the reading and if you have a question or comment, please free to post.