Living Present Moment

Many times, most people think about how to live an abundant life. This is mainly due to the kind of life they are living which is normally short of their ‘dream life’. They have ideas, try to work on them, but in most cases, they do not seem to rise to their expectation. The reasons are; either their thoughts are tied to past experience or the future life they envision rather than Living Present Moment.

Activate Powerful Tools To Live In The Present:

Your past experiences have the power to shape your present. In fact, negative experiences like trauma can easily dictate your future. In retrospect, most people will remember moments that evoked anger, jealousy, regret, guilt, envy, hatred; among others. These strong emotions can sabotage your present happiness and satisfaction.  If you are not in charge of your feelings and emotions, worries about the future can also rob you happiness in the present. No one really knows what the future holds. To this end, anxiety, fear and insecurities can really crowd your current moment. In light of all this, the past and the future can wreck havoc in your present life. The simple remedy to the problem is to forget your past and not worry about the future.


Indeed, if this was easy to achieve, all people would be living happily in the present.

Is It Really Possible To Live In The Moment?

Living in the moment refers to being mindful of your current situation. It means being satisfied with the current moment. It involves acknowledging that the present is all you have and you have to cherish it accordingly; despite not having everything you need. Being present is made possible by not importing your past burdens to the current moment. Having said all this, being present does not come automatically; you need the right tools to help you achieve it. You have to be very deliberate with your thoughts and actions if you are to fully enjoy your present. What tools do you need?

Meditation And Mindfulness:

To tap into the present, you have to be very mindful. Meditation helps you focus properly. In this regard, find a moment during the day or night and go to a quiet place. Here, make sure there are no distractions.  Close your eyes and start thinking about your present. Being mindful draws you to the current moment. Feel all your emotions and you can incorporate deep breathing. It is all about getting in touch with your inner person. While you focus, think about positive things in your life at the moment. This exercise should refresh and brighten your soul to fully enjoy the present.

Have A Grateful And Kind Attitude:

Being grateful means that you are thankful. In the present world, many have a lot of stuff but they want even more. A huge chunk of people are rarely grateful for what they already have. In this respect, you have to change your attitude. All around the world, there are so many people who are underprivileged and many can barely afford food. With this realization, avoid having a foul mood just because you spent some time in traffic. Living In The Present Moment as described by Matt Morris,  can only be achieved through gratefulness and generosity. When you are kind to others, you illuminate a positive attitude which makes you and others fully enjoy the present.

Don’t Run From Your Fears; Face Them:

We all have fears and when we dot face them, they remain alive to intimidate some more. If you have the fear of divorce, for example, do not allow it to prevent you from getting married; live in the moment. Fear is crippling and until you stand up to it, you remain a cripple.

List Your Passions And Keep A Journal:

Knowing what makes you happy is a sure way to brighten your present. List all the things that make you come alive and get on with it.

Also, journal your experiences and assess your progress. This is a good way to keep tabs on things that matter.

Writer and motivational speaker Matt Morris summed it all up in his book ‘How To Live In The Present Moment’. According to Matt, there are basically three keys to living happily in the present and they are abbreviated HLP. H means healing the past, L is for living in the present while P means planning for the future. It is, therefore, time to bury the past and plan for the future. Meanwhile, you only have now to live; make every moment count.

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