Mental Health Or Disorder?

In a recent survey dubbed ‘Mental health a taboo word in school’, Maple Ridge Kids in Toronto supported the fact that there is fear of talking about the state of well being- be it mental or emotional. Cowley’s MP, Dan Ruimy, admitted that schools are not only not teaching about mental health they are too promoting the fear of mental illness.

 Is it Mental Health or Disorder

It is easy to conclude that Mental Health

Is an issue affecting normal ways of coping with life? However, according to beyondblue, there is a difference between mental health and mental health issue. Mental health is described as the wellness while mental health issue is related to illness. World Health Organisation (W.H.O) describes mental health as having both cognitive and emotional well-being in terms of your thinking, feeling and behaviour in the absence of mental disorder.

Unravelling the Mental Health

Having taken a basic example of schools not addressing mental health issues, the questions that come across are whether there exist mental disorder or has mental health issues not taken a limelight whose gravity has not tilted the ice. This questions can well be answered by future of mental health here as advocated by Routledge.It is not uncommon nowadays to find a well to do people are seeking mental wellness irrespective of their heightened position in the society.

The Mental health has been part and parcel of our lives and this is evidenced by the fact that countries from developed countries including U.S.A, UK and Canada have recorded an increasing number of mental health issues. Infact among the three -USA, UK – Canada- America’s population recorded the highest mental disorder with 26.2 percent seeking mental health treatment followed closely with the UK with a staggering 25 percent of its population. From such a survey, it is quite clear that Mental health is a growing concerning in the world.

The Celebrities with Mental Health Issues

The world of Celebrity life has not be left untouched either in the Mental health issues. Madalyne – a prominent Web designer – shed importance of good mental health after suffering from chronic depression and anxiety.Likewise, Artiste Lady Gaga and Adele have acknowledged struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in early age and Post Partum depression respectively.

The Royal family led by Prince Harry have made the mental health issue more pronounced by being candid that over 20 years he struggled to come to terms with mental issues though he didn’t open up till lately. In recognisance of Mental health issues having the presence of complete mental breakdown, Harry’s speech ” Once you start talking about it…… are a part of a big group……..everyone’s going to talk about it ” have unwrapped the wounds and made many to openly talk about their mental health or rather Mental health issues.

Characteristics of Developing Positive Mental Health

In- order to meet life’s demand and changing circumstances, it is imperative to cultivate good characteristics that will promote Mental health. Ability to focus on yourself means you have a self-mental awareness. Being candid and not bottling things up symbolising your comfortable feelings of respecting yourself, and are able to manage your emotions. This goes in hand with maintaining mental health relationship that is long lasting.

Developing Mental health means forming habits that promote the well-being of mental, psychological and physical status. Having a positive mental attitude, wellness plan of meditation and mindfulness, having a support network, having time to relax, enjoy what you love including walking, massaging and listening to music tops some of the crucial habits. Eating balanced diets, exercising, socialising and sleeping properly makes physical ‘feel’ good about yourself.

Interchangeability of Mental and Psychological health

It is worth noting though mental and psychological health is used interchangeably in many aspects of health, they differ. Mental issues are based on experience and observation of a variety of symptoms, that culminate in a psychiatric diagnosis, therefore regarded in the individual genetic sphere of the internal environment.

Psychological health is largely influenced by spiritual, religious and cultural practises which are outside the norm thus placing social and environmental factors beyond our control.

In conclusion:

We need to demystify the mental health stigma which is promoted by bottling things up and subjecting our-self of mental misjudgement. Mental health programs should be embraced by all and should form part of school’s curriculum where its relevance is placed. Of most important is having  Mental health awareness whose benefits are easily achieved through practising positive mental habits.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have a question or comment feel free to post.