Money Wealth

Happiness, what does it exactly mean? Free life? Wealth? Many people believe that having plenty of money is what actually makes us happy. But honestly, this is completely a wrong belief. Money can’t but all the things in this world, and, one of those things is Happiness. Sadly,  mass media have successfully convinced people that money is everything and it is the only substance that can lead to ultimate happiness. Money can obviously help you to achieve your dreams and goals, but it can’t help you to feel the sense of fulfilment. Money is only good if it can allow you have wealth. Tricky huh! This is well expressed in the book “The Simple Path to Wealth” by JL Collins here. Wealth expresses the worth of owning a resource – which adds value. Value can be something which is worth, important or useful in life. If the money allows having added value then it is Money Wealth.

Confusions related with true Wealth:

You might hear many people giving opinions about how to save money by cutting expenses and controlling foolish decisions. But, our financial status isn’t controlled just by some arithmetic, it is affected by all our emotional and psychological factors. Same case goes for our happiness, we can never say that we can remain happy the entire life only based on one single factor. Instead, we should pursue something greater, that lies far beyond material happiness. Passion a spiritual factor leads all human desires and emotions. Passion can be simply defined as the worlds of our heart. Every human dream to live a free life, devoid of all worldly bonds, just pursuing what he loves to do.
Every human wants to live with ultimate freedom and do whatever he wants to. It’s always the dream of every living creature to live on his own will, not controlled by anyone. it isn’t necessary that wealth always means money. It can mean any other possession that is precious to us and is too good to let go. Our lifestyle is something that might play a massive role in determining our happiness. If every human has the freedom to choose how he wants to live his life, then only true happiness can be achieved. It will be a dream and success.

Solving The Modern Era Problems:

It’s true that in this present era, every human leads a busy life and hardly has time to do something that he actually wants to. But still, every human should take a moment or two from his busy schedule for himself and pursue his passion. Moreover, we should try to reduce the influence of other people on our lives and try to take decisions on our own, in almost all spheres of our life. This includes financial freedom which should be sought in all angles as explained here by Jonathan Pond in his book ” Finding  Financial Freedom”.

Try to be free and trust me, you won’t regret it. All the animals that are happy in their lives are born free from all worldly attachments. The more you try to get hold of these attachments, the more you will let yourself get carried away into a position where you will even forget the meaning of the word happiness.


It’s true that money can provide you with all the worldly happiness, it might also help you to win over the hearts of certain people, but obviously, it will never let you realise the purpose of your existence. It’s your passion, lifestyle and freedom that will defend the true you. All the things that you achieve in your life pursuing your passions and desires will compose your real wealth. And those are the things that you need to keep very safely and cherish every moment of it. As long as there are hope and desire, there will be passion in this world, and as long as there are people pursuing the passion, there will be true happiness. Truly this is the Money Wealth!