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Product: NATURAL C Nutrilite

From: Amway

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-Energy -1.13 Kcal
-Carbohydrate-0.239 g
-Protein -4.21 mg
-Fat -20mg
-Vitamin C ( from ascorbic acid & Acerola Cherry Concentrate) 40 mg
-Acerola Cherry Concentrate.


The stronger our immune system, the more is the chance of fighting off diseases and our survival.

In today’s world of polluted environment, we are more prone to the diseases and infections because of the pollution, junk food, lack of hygiene and densely populated regions. So it is very essential on our part to supplement our food regime taking into consideration our health and our body’s ability to fight pollution.

As we all know, vitamin C is an essential vitamin for boosting our body immunity, which in turn helps our internal mechanisms to fight any disease or infections.

Vitamin C plays a very important role in our body such as iron absorption, repairing tissue, strengthening our immune system and promoting collagen synthesis. This is a water-soluble vitamin which means some percentage of this essential nutrient is expelled from our body due to our daily activities.

Although vitamin C can be extensively found in our daily vegetables and fruits, it gets depleted due to various reasons such as heating of the food, standing for too long before cooking and much more.Besides these, our body cannot produce its own vitamin C. Therefore it is very important to intake vitamin C rich food in our daily and supplements to meet our adequate demand of this essential nutrient.


NUTRILITE is a brand from Amway and sold in Amazon which provides Vitamin C with the name Natural C.

It is an antioxidant supplement which provides vitamin C as its major constituent. It also contains acerola cherry concentrates and bioflavonoids. It not only helps improve our immunity it also serves as a very good antioxidant.


NUTRILITE mixes the plant ingredients with a fibrous ingredient and compress them to form a tablet. It contains all the Essential components of vitamin C. When it goes inside a human body it passes through the intestines and releases all its essential ingredients.

It is widely available on Amazon. It comes as NUTRILITE® Natural C, a pack of 120 Numbers of tablets. It is rich in vitamin C.


1. It is a good product as reviewed by the customers of the Amazon.

2.It is a good diet supplement for vitamin C.
3. It has resulted in reducing stress and frustration.

4.It has satisfied the customers by giving the appropriate result.

5. It does not contain any artificial flavours and no added sugar.

6. NATURAL C is proving to be a good relief in the URIC ACID attack in long-term use.

7. It has also resulted in improving skin colour.

8. This tablet has no side effects and the Nutrilite brand has made it clear that it is made from natural materials.


NUTRILITE® Natural C in Amazon is a great product which serves as the best supplement for vitamin C delivery the best result. It contains all the Essential nutrients of vitamin C. It is a beneficiary antioxidant and provides defence against the free radical damage. It has proved to deliver the positive response in helping the body fight against the diseases and infections.

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