Positive Mental Attitude

The ability of the human mind can serve us beyond our wild imagination. It has an unlimited ability to learn and with proper nurturing, it contributes to the clarity of thought, achievements and even the longevity of life. Taking responsibility for the successful operation of your mind and intentionally stimulating it to produce products, you can receive huge rewards and it is a Positive Mental Attitude. But how do you do it?

There is the power of positive think as described by Norman Vincent’s book ” The POWER of POSITIVE THINKING” and various ways to utilise this  mental attitude is through:

a) Nurturing Self Image:

Each of us has his own abilities, signature strengths, learning styles and individual traits. As you move in your daily life, your image can support or sabotage your efforts.

This can mean the difference between a sense of inspiration and actions or apathetic and remaining stagnant. Is it a mental health or disorder? The immediate way to start solving this problem is to take into account the mental pictures that you keep yourself. Are these images consistent with what you really want for your life? If they are, it’s outstanding. Continue to educate and support yourself. If, however, after an honest self-assessment, you feel that you need a change to fit yourself, and then find out what changes are necessary, and commit yourself to doing it.

b) Having Wisdom: 

Confusion, anxiety, anger and frustration often mean that your inner wisdom is blocked. The block is in your thinking so it is unlikely that you will be able to “think” about your exit from the block. Allow more than your mind to lead. The key to transforming these feelings will come through your inner wisdom.

It knows what to do next and will lead you well.

c) Beliefs: 

How you assess your capabilities or potential is based on your beliefs. Beliefs can be challenged and changed, and you have the right to do so. Most of what we believe were formed during our young days which mostly was a reflection of what adults believed in our lives. Therefore, always ask a question to yourself about your beliefs: “Is this belief for me and for the life that I want to create?” And “Is this belief true or just someone’s opinion?” You can challenge all your beliefs. If faith does not serve you, you can change it.

d) Commitment and perseverance: 

After determining what you want, taking into account the end result, establish both short-term and long-term goals that are worth, achievable, crystal clear and measurable.

Know why these goals are important to you and what inspires you to achieve them. Then boldly fulfil your goals with a certain timeframe.  Commit yourself and exercise perseverance in your goals as advocated by Steve Carter ” Getting to Commitment” book here. Do not let fear, false starts, adversities, or other people undermine your pursuit. Belief in the result determines the result. Know that you deserve what you want and achieve your goal. Keep your vision and keep your attention.


Regardless of what you are looking for, health, happiness, relationships or wealth, the best way to help you acquire this is to use a positive attitude. This is your doorway to get everything you ever wanted. When you understand that the mind is the place where imagination, inspiration, faith, change and self-discipline must take place, and you begin to make powerful ideas and methods for structuring the process, the potential results can be remarkable.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have question or comment, please feel free to post and i will soon get back to you.



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