The Magic of Therapy


When therapy is  mentioned in the first instance what click immediately to our mind is word such as occupation therapy,  physiotherapy, chemotherapy and the likes…..  associated with relieve or healing. True to people’s thinking, therapy is the magic‘ that relieves tension and makes us feel better – ” The Magic of Therapy”.

Dictionary  has given therapy varying meaning such as ” Treatment that is intended to relieve or heal a disorder”, ” A method of healing remedial treatment and “ a healing power or any act that relieves tension.In  essence therapy is the power of healing – whether in terms of treatment or relieving  a disorder, acts relieving tension or helping feeling better/stronger – thus being ‘magic’ in its natural sense.

Science has confirmed that approximately  10 percent of happiness is due to external circumstances – things outside our intervention- while the  90 percent is as a result of our inner environment.

While  we talk about therapy, it is a ‘healing which has been classified in different ways :

  • Physiotherapy –  Is the treatment of physical injury or dysfunction.
  • Aromatherapy – Is the therapeutic use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils in baths or massage.
  • Chemotherapy – Use of chemical agents to treat or control disease
  • Heliotherapy – Therapeutic exposure to sunlight.
  • Hormone replacement therapy –  For post menopausal woman to protect them from heart disease and Osteoporosis.
  • Immuno-therapy – Therapy designed to produce immunity to a disease or to enhance resistance by the immune system.
  • Infrared therapy – Use of infrared radiation to relieve pain and increase circulation of a particular area of the body.
  • Megavitamin therapy – Involving very large doses of the vitamin to prevent or cure physical or psychological disorders.
  • Occupation therapy – Based on meaningful engagement in activities that enable or courage participation in physical or mental function.
  • Psychotherapy – treatment of mental or emotional problems of psychological means.

It is clear that most therapies are concerned with the physical and psychological aspect of life thus having both illness and wellness perspective.

In the modern world ………

Some therapies take priorities over others either due to the nature of lifestyles, circumstances that affect our well-being or the myths that are ingrained in our system. It makes it easier to deal with the most significant therapies that have the direct effect on our lives and has great magic:

i.  Physiotherapy -. It is a treatment of physical injury or dysfunction where rubbing and moving parts are highly involved. It forms part of the integration process in patient’s treatment plan Massaging, acupuncture and use of heat treatment are applied independently or jointly to treat joints, nerves and muscle stiffness, pain or injury.

The methods are used as means of relaxation, aggravating the rate of recovery and individual progress thus boosting the self-esteem of the person affected.

ii.  Psychotherapy – Is concerned with ideology and belief systems in the society whose therapeutic aspirations are based on expectation of happiness. It demands strict obedience of principles which is wrapped in the culture and/or religion which links people together and is centred around divinity. 

The method is rooted in the mythology of religion, values aspiration and ideas which promotes the’adaptive’ change in individual life circumstances. It places emphasis on behaviour patterns or recognition of recurrent feelings which are distressing and problematic varying from depression, anxiety and other disorders and removes or manage the symptoms by amplifying the psychological resources of well-being which is centred around strengths, skills and abilities of an individual.

Since negative impressions  are easily formed than the positive ones, positive psychotherapy recognises the theory of well being of;    

Positive emotions  – pride, commitment and hope.  

Engagement   immersing intrinsically to motivate others and develop.

Relationship – having positive, trusting and secure ones.  

 Meaning believing that you have a sense of  belonging and purpose.

iii.  Occupation Therapy –  Is  closely intertwined with person centred philosophy and values the therapeutic potentials of promoting health and well-being. It focuses on embracing new community oriented opportunities for care management, user advocacy and crisis outreach.

Therapists believe the importance of participation and being active in life as the basis of feeling part of the social world. They see service users as unique individuals with particular interests, life experience, skills and being able to perform daily occupation to satisfying and effective level arises from  motivation based in their social and cultural backgrounds.

The relationship between service user and therapist is stressed where empowerment is the focus  of making decisions. The service user engages in  activities which are meaningful and is at the centre of making decisions while the therapist engages  in problem solving which involves; Assessment, Treatment planning, Implementation and Evaluation.

iv.  Mega-vitamin Therapy –  This is a therapy which  serves both illness and wellness aspects of ‘healing’.  The illness approach attempts to cure diseases while wellness seeks to maintain the state of health.

Mega vitamin is a new paradigm of medicinal approach which recognises the importance of healing over curing. Taken literally, healing lasts more than a cure since a clinical diagnosis is required before the treatment can begin to attempt to cure the disease. This is referred to as illness approach.

On the other hand, wellness approach takes a holistic perspective of human frame where it acknowledges naturopathy.  This is  the way of nature medicine where the person recognises the interest of care; in the diet and in the cause of prevention of diseases rather than taking  hold of disease which can be denied chances to take hold.

The nutrition connection to optimal health  is an important link for fine tuning the ‘sufferer‘ to have awareness of oneself requiring earlier treatment to a physician  where natural health and nutritional supplements have failed thus providing resources for a reasonable course of action to undertake.

As a matter of fact therapy  helps us feel better and stronger in each succeeding day if we practise its power and taken as a daily dosage.

Therapies which should be exercised daily or often includes;

  • Mindfulness –  state of deep peace which focuses on awareness which is non judgemental . It reduces stress, manage painful thoughts and feeling and emotional intelligence.
  • Gratitude – focusing on good parts of our day has a positive effect on our well-being and counters brain’s negativity associated with stress, anxiety and depression making us feel happier.
  • Optimistic mindset –   engaging in healthy behaviours which will take care of physical wellness and have a good sense of well-being. For example eating balanced diet, exercising and having enough sleep booster happiness increasing the lifespan.
  • Generosity –  spending time and resources effectively by volunteering and helping others to achieve a goal, sharing with them brings social connections which activates our brain with pleasure which leads to high happiness level.
  • Authenticity –  when you do what you love doing brings life fulfilment while also forgiving and forgetting  allows openness and true connection which is encourages personal growth and create social connection.
  • Engagement to meaningful activities – trying to reach a goal by trying new things increases positive effects in life experiences and brings a meaning in our activity thus leading to a joyful state which is an indicator of happiness.

Therapy is derived in pursuing happiness and as a result we receive joy of learning the right language as advocated by Chalmers brothers.

In conclusion …

Therapy plays a central role in bringing relieve that we all sought for. It is a magic flow which should be embraced in our daily living. In the nutshell ‘The Magic of Therapy’ has been recognised in all  spheres of life where  physical, emotional and psychological wellness are involved. It should form part and parcel of our daily practise whose rewards are largely immeasurable.

I hope you enjoyed reading, if you have any query, opinion or comment feel free to post. Thank you.



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