Turning Fear Into Success

It is said that we are governed by two psychological states; flight or fight. Flight is just another word for response to situations by submitting to fear. Fight, on the other hand, is the choice to brace the threat, attack or anything that is against us.

Most People Are Ruled By Fear:

There is an appropriate time for either of these responses, but most people response fearfully by default when it comes to many situations in life. And this gets in their way to making progress when it comes to personal relationships, achieving personal goals and business.Anything worth achieving is a scary pursuit.


Who dreams small? Probably nobody. People have goals, dreams, and aspirations that are lofty and not exactly easy to achieve. Therefore, having the mindset to pursue these goals is usually a huge leap of faith. You have to overcome a feeling that you are not good enough.

Fear Of Rejection Is A Huge Hurdle


When achieving that goal involves other people, even when they are family members and friends, then the fear of rejection will also try to work its way into your thinking. After all very few people are ever in a position to accept that our grand ideas would ever turn into reality, even our closest friends and family members.

So, for anyone who needs a close confidant to reassuring tells them that their dream is worth a shot, fear of getting psychologically crippling criticism can be a huge hurdle. This is especially so when these people are important in making the goal in mind turn into reality. Maybe you need their funding, their skills, their support, their contacts, and so forth.

When you cannot muster the courage to sell them your hopes and plans because you are afraid that they will not help you move towards your dreams as you expect them to, then your goals can get suffocated in your fears.

Insecurity And Fear Of Losing Control


It could be also that you have already made some progress towards your goal. Maybe you wanted to start a big business. But even after you have launched the idea and it has taken off, you might find fear creeping in and keeping you from attaining your ultimate goal.

You can be afraid to lose what little you have achieved and fail to attain what you dreamed of when you first started. Fear of failure can be quite overwhelming. You can even be afraid that your benefactors and those who have supported you thus far might abandon you when they see or hear what your ultimate plan involves.

Even when they provide the support, you might be afraid that what you are doing might make the business you are running big and hard to control. It is hard to let control of something you care about. On the other hand, giving in to this fear could mean losing a chance to achieve your dreams.

Accept Failure And Move On


The important thing to remember is that failure is something everyone experiences. And that people who achieve the most awesome goals did so mainly by overcoming the fears that naturally come with pursuing such lofty endeavours. Don’t see failure as a roadblock on your way towards your dreams, but rather as slight bumps along the way that can slow you down but still not keep you from getting to your destination.


That is how people turn fear into success, by seeing it as part of the path to success. You should have a similar mindset as well. So, embrace the fearful situations in your life as you pursue your goals. In fact, if you are afraid of something, it means the potential fortune that lies ahead is something worth having – nobody is afraid to lose something not worth having.

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