Turning Passion Into a Business

I have been working on Turning Passion Into a Business for almost a year now. It certainly hasn’t been easy, but it is really what I see myself doing until I retire. Straight out of college, I had a vision – that I will use my passion of arithmetic to earn a decent living. It was challenging since college life is different from the practical world and you needed to learn some technical skills to start out, and through a period you, I was able to figure things out and eventually realise the power of following your passion.

Writing For A Living:

If for example, you have always wanted to write for a living, do not be afraid. I know it has been said more than once been said that writers fall smack in the “starving artist” archetype, but whoever said there is no money in writing simply does not know how to look for clients. If you are a content writer who wants to prepare for business by getting more clients, here are a few tips:

1. Capitalize on the value you provide:

When I was starting out, I was peddling my services to just about anyone who would care to listen. Not only did I get very few clients, the ones I was able to get did not pay a lot. One of the first lessons I learned was to always highlight the value I can provide to businesses – make them realize why hiring me would mean good things for them.

I always tell prospective clients that when a content writer is hired, he or she provides the compelling copy for all their marketing collateral that would increase sales, generate greater online presence, and direct traffic to both their website and brick-and-mortar stores. That’s the value the writer offers, and that’s what they will be paying for.

Recognizing your value and being able to sell it well also allows you to filter your clients, getting only the ones who are willing to pay a premium for your services.

2. Position yourself as an authority figure:

A few years into your occupation e.g writing, you will slowly have gained a solid reputation among your contemporaries. People want to know how you are able to constantly get clients who are willing to pay a lot for the content you produce. You should start being an authority by hosting webinars and writing workshops for writers who want to get ahead in the industry, and then you offer a teaching position at a local institution e.g University, for creative and technical writing classes. After a while, you get invited to speak at workshops and then present at conferences for writing and marketing.

When you are considered an authority figure in your niche or industry, it gives clients more confidence to hire you. Be the total package of skill and authority, and you’ll be fine.

3. Use the power of social media:

One of the most effective marketing tools for me is social media. I have considered a strong presence on Linkedin and Facebook, where you can promote your website and engage with potential clients. I post as often as I can, often promoting my blog, which is constantly updated with writing and marketing tips. I also use twitter consistently to promote my business, follow potential clients, and share content. Social media is also a very cost-effective way to reach a huge number of potential c.lients and is a must in staying ahead of the digital marketing game.


Turning passion into the business is everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, many people are not able to live their dreams. The most important tip is to stay passionate even when things seem impossible.

I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any question or comment, please free to post and I will soon get back to you.



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