Types of Diets

Diet is a kind of food that people or animal habitually eats. This course of food may be special or prescribed for various purposes. For those who want to check their weight, they eat special course of diet for that purposes. For therapeutic or medical reasons, a person is prescribed certain kind of foods which are generally regulated. These Types of Diets come either in natural or artificial form.

Natural vs. Artificial Vitamin C

Our perception that natural diets are better than artificial diets has been inscribed in us for the longest time. However, it may come as a shocker that there is a misconception and it may not be entirely true. When looking at Vitamins, it becomes abundantly clear that synthetic vitamins are not as bad as previously thought.

All vitamins, whether natural or artificial, are made in the lab. For artificial vitamins, they are wholly made in the Lab and are divided into two; those that are molecularly identical and those partially identical to their natural counterparts. On the other hand, natural vitamins are derived from plants, animals, minerals, and fruits and they are then processed in the lab.

For a vitamin to have the label ‘natural’ it needs to be 10% ingredients derived from plants or fruit, the rest can as well be artificial. A good example includes Genius Joy  – Well known for mood booster and brain support.

Which is better?

To answer the question, let’s look at the various ways of getting vitamin C; via food supplements, whole synthetic vitamin and lastly via food.

Natural Food

Getting vitamin C from food is one of the easiest, yet the richest way of getting significant amounts of this nutrient. Vitamin C is found in many foods including oranges, watermelon, grapefruit, kiwi, mangoes. Green peppers, broccoli, berries, winter squash, cabbage, and tomatoes.

If you get 4-9 servings of these foods, you already have enough vitamins C. The problem is that when these foods are exposed to intense light, heat, or air, they might lose the nutrients. In fact, when vitamin C foods are overcooked, they may lose a significant proportion of vitamin C power. Though according to studies, fruits and veggies contain 30% less Vitamin C than in fin generations ago, they remain a rich source of this nutrient. You cannot forgo these foods since their nutritional values cannot be underscored. For instance, broccoli not only contains vitamin C but also calcium, vitamin A and K , iron, and other essential nutrients.



Another essential natural diet is Vitamin E which comes from natural beta-carotene and vegetable oils.


Further processing is done to remove protein and carbohydrates through precipitation and solubility respectively where 10% remain natural and 90 % synthetic.

Natural Foods Vs Supplements

Vitamin, also known as Ascorbic acid is named after scurvy, a disease it treats. Animals have a capability to produce this vitamin but human beings need to get it from food supplements. Vitamin C comes in two ways; D-ascorbic acid and L-ascorbic acid, which can be found both in natural and synthetic/artificial forms.

The L- variety is a replica of vitamin C and carries all the benefits associated with Vitamin C, while the D –variety is partly identical to the nutrient carrying only antioxidant properties and not used as any form of vitamin supplement. The molecular difference of the D-variety makes it impossible for the body to synthesize.According to research, the ascorbic supplements cause stomach upsets. The natural counterparts are found to be less acidic and are therefore more recommended. However, the level of acidity by both the natural and artificial nutrients depends on the sensitivity of the person in question.

Vitamin C and Health

Vitamin C has crucial roles on our health including helping wounds heal much faster, growth and repair of tissues, keeps bones healthy and is crucial for making blood vessels, skin and tendons.

More so, you are at no risk of autoimmune diseases. Whether from natural or artificial sources, the nutrient remains a vital part of our diet.


It is clear that natural and artificial diet has a significant role to play in the physical health. It is worth noting that natural foods from plants go through processing where artificial diet is made. It is from natural food that supplements form part of our daily diet.

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