Value Life Principle

Adopting clear Value Life Principle is one of the most effective ways to move forward and experience success in your career or personal life. Many people head through life aimlessly expecting things to just happen’ to them and what they don’t realise is that through adopting a different mindset and having a personal list of principles, they can take control of their life, experience progress and have more productive relationships.

Principles, when followed, provide values in life as explained by Ray Dalio. The most important principles are:

1- Having Clear Goals:

Have you ever actually sat down and really thought about what you want out of life whether it be in relation to your career, relationships, personal development or achievement?The closest most people get to setting
goals is to mentally or verbally commit to losing weight’ or sell more product
at work’ as a New Year’s resolution. This is not clear goal setting, it is not
easily measurable and it is no wonder most of these would be’ goals ever last
further than a few weeks into the New Year.

A deep and meaningful personal goal should almost bring tears to your eyes when you think of achieving it. It should be based on something you really want not something you think others want you to achieve. Be open-minded, sit down with a piece of paper and peel off the layers of your goals.

Think of the goal you want to set and ask yourself why it is important to you. How will your life improve by achieving the goal and how will it feel when you achieve it? How will you feel if you don’t achieve it? What will happen as a direct result of not achieving it? Be realistic with yourself, how have you progressed with setting goals in the past? What went wrong if you did not achieve them and what did you do right if you did achieve them? It is important to be honest with yourself and embrace reality as advocated by PRINCIPLES RAY DALIO.

Identify likely stumbling blocks and learn to make decisions effectively putting things in place to prevent the same obstructions happening again to prevent you from achieving what you truly want.

2 – Identify and Don’t Tolerate the Problems That Stand in The Way:

Look for potential problems that have appeared in the past when trying to achieve a goal. Ask others to challenge your goal in a constructive way to help you identify where things might go wrong or where your goal might be potentially flawed. Don’t be afraid of this process, this can be very helpful in identifying potential problems before they happen. Remember there are no problems that cannot be overcome. Your job is to identify them before they happen so you can prepare the solution beforehand so in essence the problem is avoided altogether.

3 – Accurately Diagnose the Problems to Get to The Root Cause:

This can sometimes be a painful process but you need to be open-minded for this to really work and embrace reality when it comes to the mistakes that have been made in the past or problems that have occurred both with yourself and others.

Finding the root cause of an obstacle or problem requires some serious digging and can feel unpleasant when faced with the truth that either you or someone else involved caused the problem. The old saying learn from your mistakes’ has never been truer when it comes to this process. Once you think you have identified the root cause of the problem, ask yourself if this root’ where erased would your goal be successful. If the answer is yes then you know that this is where to start in terms of a plan to achieve the outcome you are looking for through removing or getting around the root cause of the problem.

4 – Design Plans That Will Get You Around Them:

Once potential problems and the root cause has been identified you can begin to work out a way of eliminating the problem through careful planning and a step by step action plan. Learn to make decisions effectively by asking yourself questions at every step of the process about what is true. If you make this particular change will the outcome be as planned or could further potential problems occur by taking this action. Go through the steps you have put in place and question the outcome of every single one you implement. Will it still get you to your goal if you take this action to eliminate potential problems or hurdles along the way?

5 – Do What Is Necessary to Push These Designs Through to Results:

Being able to see the plan through once you are confident of it working is the key to a successful transition from identifying your goal and any potential associated problems, finding the root cause and having a clear understanding of what changes need to be put in place to deal with these potential problems to the ultimate outcome of achieving success.

This cannot be half-hearted, if you believe in your plan to eradicate the root cause of potential problems then you need to have the determination to back it all the way to fruition.

In summary……..

By following these principles a lot of the most difficult parts of achieving your personal or career/work goals can be eliminated before they even happen. This is known as the solution based thinking as clearly elaborated by the book  Principles: Life and Work. It is all about taking your ego out of the equation and being able to look at a problem without emotion by logically viewing every aspect and every person as a cog in the wheel and identifying any cogs’ that may cause potential problems including yourself.

Once you embrace reality and take personal feelings out of the equation everything becomes clearer and you find you can learn to make decisions effectively, foresee problems and their root cause before they occur and find ways to actively eliminate the problem by creating a solution that you are prepared to drive through to the conclusion of achieving that all important goal.

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