Yoga Journal

From severe health issues to peace of mind, there is nothing that Yoga can’t cure.  Whether it may be a long-term body pain or insomnia, Yoga heals everything and help in building perfect healthy body and pure happiness. Yoga improves the mental and physical well-being of a person. Practicing yoga regularly does wonders. It relieves chronic stress issues, makes the body calm and sharpens concentration. This is the Yoga Journal

Let’s review how Yoga helps in attaining a healthy body and true happiness.

Improves body flexibility:

Before yoga, most of the people can’t touch their toes. But practising yoga gradually loosens up the body and one can evidently become even more flexible. The chronic body pains and aches start to vanish completely. From back pain and knee joint pain to ligament issues, one will evidently observe a noticeable improvement.

Enhances muscle strength:

Strong muscles can make anyone feel completely healthy.  Yoga helps to protect the body from arthritis and back pain. For you to be familiar with the best Yoghurt technique, you can shop  ” Secret Back Pain” DVD by 24 Seven Wellness. Maintaining flexibility is also necessary to strengthen the muscles. Yoga also improves the body postures which assist in preventing the body from back, neck or other muscle and joint problems.

Protects spine and betters the bone health:

If one is well-practising the asanas, then the cases of herniated disc or twists would get scarce. Some yoga postures like downward posture which require lifting the own weight strengthen the arm bones. Many studies have already proved that yoga increased the bone density and helped in maintaining proper calcium levels in bones.

Relaxes the system:

Yoga slows down the breath and makes the body relax which also enhances the focus. It lowers the breathing rates as well as the heart rates, decreases blood pressure and increases blood flow. Yoga cleanses the breathing system and also calls the relaxation response. Yoga decrease levels of monoamine oxidase and increase serotonin levels which boost the immune functions and create greater levels of happiness.

Helps to reduce insomnia:

As yoga stimulates the nervous system, it provides great relief from stress. With regular practice of Yoga, anyone can easily defend from insomnia and other sleep-related issues. It is not uncommon nowadays to find people purchasing Mini Aroma oil diffuser and placed next to their bed as it helps in better sleep, focus power and can also prevent accidents. Yoga cures the soreness in wrists, arms, shoulders which worsen the mood.

Enhances the functionality of lungs and digestive system:

Yoga increases the oxygen saturation in the blood and improves the lung function.

It maximizes the volume of breath and exhalation efficiency. Yoga filters the air and humidifies it by removing pollen and dirt. Yoga theoretically lowers the colon cancer as the body moves more rapid in the transport of food and body waste through bowels thus eases constipation.

Yoga has a countless number of benefits. It also helps in quitting and recovering from the bad habits like drugs, cigarette, etc. It is the proven stress buster and recreates the inner peace. Yoga is the best medicine for building awareness, enhancing self-esteem and provides a healthy lifestyle. Long-term yoga practitioners are the best examples to prove that yoga not only helps in making a healthy body but also gaining pure happiness.

I hope you enjoyed reading. If you have a question or comment, please feel free to post and i will get back to you soon.